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Harindran Oru Nishkalangan – Well intentioned, but not convincing

Posted by harino1 on December 14, 2007


How does pace affect narration? You may say sluggish pace can kill our interest. But here, in the new Vinayan flick, ‘Harindran Oru Nishkalangan’, the pace kills the interest.

The film’s excessively paced narrative hampers the flow. Despite committed performances from the principal actors, the film leaves a spiritless yarn at times.

No shot in the film lasts for more than a few seconds, particularly in the first half. Yet there’s stillness to this film, which hinders the indulgence. The film is devised as an eye-opener into the fate of those who are falsely accused, primarily by media just because they are rich or assume powerful positions, leading to the destruction of their personal lives.

Can a young IT entrepreneur, who runs business worth crores of rupees, outwit a bunch of media crooks and his own deceiving henchman who are interested only in his money and prestige? The question is more to the ongoing media activities and the clashes which are solely aimed to grab and plant news rather than to investigate the truth.

Indrajith plays the title character Hareendran Varma, a young IT businessman who runs Starlite, a hundred-crore business establishment. He is supported in all his endeavors by his old friend Gopalakrishnan (Jayasuriya). Both of them, who like fast life, had a plenty of differences in characters. But the sole aim of making it big in life propelled them through their differences. Popularly known as G K, Gopalakrishanan is a crude entrepreneur who dreams of becoming the executive director of the firm some day. He wants to be a millionaire and he has his own theories of survival for making it big. He carefully hatches plans to achieve his motives, without anyone’s knowledge. The film opens in flashback mode as Hareendran, being the second accused in a murder, is acquitted by the court and the prime accused is given a death sentence.

Harindran, on the day of the hanging of the prime convict, tells his story to the viewers about how he got enmeshed in such troubles. A city slicker, and software pro to boot, Hareendran agrees to his mother to marry Indhu, the only daughter of another business big wheel Krishnan Nair. Hari even meets Indhu (Bhama) and falls instantly in love with her, who on the other hand is the heartthrob of Alex, a young political activist from ordinary backgrounds, who studies with her and lives by his ideals.

G K had a crush on Pooja (Sherin) a stylish hotel singer, and the only daughter of Gulf-returned businessman Vasudevan (Jagathy), who has turned out to be a full time drunkard in the recent days. G K goes to any extent to achieve his dreams and even uses his lady love to scheme and plot to corner Hareendran and to get himself promoted to the directorship. Hareendran, on the other hand, doesn’t know what is happening behind his back.

On the day of the marriage of Hareendran with Indhu, Alex who was missing for some days, comes up and takes Indhu with him. This shatters Hareendran, who is otherwise a proud person, living among the riches. He then turns into a full-time drunkard with little interest in his business. And in the following days, one among the group is found brutally murdered and all doubts fall on Hareendran. Then, the film moves on to the investigative genre, to finally bring out the real culprit.

Vinayan is trying to tell the story of erosion of ideals among a young generation who loves to live every moment of their life, accumulating money through any means. It also deals with the fate of people who are accused of having committed a crime only because they are having money and are in the upper strata of the society.

Taking the plot from a short story, developed by his son Vishnu Vijayan for a tele-film, Vinayan fails to bring to the narrative a level of intensity that’s perhaps lacking in the presentation on the whole. There’s too much left back that’s frozen in the scheme of racing it to the finals. And even the preachy climax could have been much more impact, if it had come to a halt two or three shots back.

Indrajith and Jayasuriya are in ease portraying Hareendran and G K. Indrajith, once again appears prospective in a number of scenes where he appears drunk and mentally unstable while Manikkutan as Alex and Bala as the investigative officer Rajan Joseph, makes a mature cameo. Sherin hardly suits the role while Bhama as Indhu overacts.

The production values are also nothing to rave about. Interestingly, the plot also deters to keep the actual suspense and leads to the crisis to build up. When the murder occurs we are not whisked away and are more or less prepared to name the culprit. The film could have been effective, if it was told the alternate way, avoiding the leads to the entire commotion, and then we could have been made to leave the theatres with a “wow”.

With no heart and feel in the treatment, it is simply an attempt to cook up a movie in all the genres that are popular now, taking even a half baked  mood from ‘Nadhiya’ and ‘Arabikkatha’. The songs in the movie also don’t work for the film. Berny Ignatious, in their return, give nothing good to the movie. As with the movie, in the songs also editor G Murali makes crude cuts to make it annoyingly racy. Venugopalan behind the camera too, doesn’t have much to salvage the film.

To sum it up, the beginning was appealing, the middle is flaccid and the ending is passable. That’s how you feel after a tottering two hours and ten minutes.


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