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Right Adhre – Novel Attempt! ( K )

Posted by harino1 on December 14, 2007

What best you can expect from a television serial director Sharavana is there in this film. The clever handling of four track of narration, novelty here and there in dialogues, at the interval point and at the climax makes you sit through and watch this film. A newcomer to big screen Sharavana is supported very well by Shivasamaya who has written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the film. There are some good song numbers and lighting and camera work for this film is adequate.

There are four groups in this film each one is not connected. But all of them have their own problems and pressures in life. John is in love with Pallavi but she is floored for porno CD. The cameraman on bed with Pallavi hurts innocent John that makes him to commit suicide. Pallavi despite of being a part of pornography takes courage and says both good and bad people have right to live on earth.

The Poornima and Soori both residing in hut have different kind of story. Soori taking care of his dumb mother is educating Poornima from his black ticket selling. He has no expectation in his life from Poornima. That is a pure friendship but people looking at them misunderstand.

Uma daughter of politician and careless mother is disturbed when her mother runs away with the car driver. She likes Shiva who is a boozer. She tames him gradually and the two have neat understanding.

Dhanya and Brihaspathi are teenage lovers. They are at the school education opposed by the respective parents. They elope to a far of place and realize their flaws. They come back for a good reception by the respective parents.

Showing the problem and giving solution to it is what director Sharavana has done in his maiden film. In the narration and dialogues he wins the hearts of common audience. It is catering to all sections of people in the society. Poornima and Soori pair is what very convincing among all. Next is Uma and Shiva pair. The teenage Dhanya and Brihaspathi evoke laughter and the right thinking they make is a relief to elders watching this film. The bedroom scenes of Sangeetha Shetty and Harish Rai could have avoided. Thara and Ramesh Bhat are apt for the roles.

Bhoomiyantholu…” sung by SPB, “Preethi Preethi Guttu..” sung by Hariharan, “Nenenenedhu nenepu….” by Neel and Anuma and peppy song for drunkards “Kudkondu Thuradkondu…” sung by LN Sastry, Gururaj Hoskote, Raju Ananthaswamy and Channaveer Bidar are well tuned by music director Neel in his debut.

Manohar in his cinematography gives the right mood via lighting for the film.

Banner: Sri Mahalakshmi Talkies
Cast: Mohan, Sunil, Satya, Bhavya, Sangeetha Shetty, Preethi, Priyanka, Thara, Ramesh Bhat, Haish Rai, Karibasavaish, Ashok Rao
Direction: Sharavana
Production: B.N.Srinivas
Music: Neel



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