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Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melidhe

Posted by harino1 on December 30, 2007

Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melidhe – Deserved to be better
IndiaGlitz  [Saturday, December 29, 2007]

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Director Prem with lovely track record in his maiden film as actor has churned out unique subject in an opulent style. What is deserved to be better are the length, takings of the film, editing and music. He wins as a director but fails miserably as an actor. Why is ‘Love’ on earth the title of the film – ‘Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melidhe’ is a poignant story of lovers told in protracted style. What is lovely in the end is the separation of lovers who are actual lovers in the eyes of the audience.

Prem focusing on the ancient belief of ancestors looks unconvincing to the present genre. His carving of scenes to emphasize on such believes looks awful on screen.

Every boy has a girl on this earth is the new philosophy of the director in this film. But where are they? When they meet it is ‘Kalaya Thasmai Namaha’.

Chandru (Prem) an oily face, curly haired dark complexioned youngster making a paltry income from ticket sales in the bus station believes that he has a girl whom he had not seen on this earth. On the other side there is Sandhya (Namratha) who is told by his father that there is one boy born for her on this earth. The meeting of Chandru and Sandhya happens in the interval time but before this there is some deadly action scenes, friends of Chandru cajoling him and mother sentiment. When Chandru and Sandhya meet they have some vibration which they cannot express. A series of incidents that happens similar in both the life of Chandru and Sandhya sends a right signal to their friends but unity of these two should happen only through common friends. Chandru friend (Sharan) informs Sandhya on the development in the life of his friend while Indhu who is immensely in love with Chandru on a condition inform Chandru about the look out of Sandhya – this in fact guarantees both Chandru and Sandhya that further strengthen their believes.

At a place both Chandru and Sandhya wait for their common friend to surface and clear all the doubts. But it is very unfortunate that Chandru and Sandhya’s common friends Sharan and Indhu meet with a tragic accident. The lovers from the point of view of audience waiting to know each other after a long wait go back without explaining on the situations they are facing. They are so near yet so far!

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Director Prem should have selected a nice looking guy in his place to play his role. He is not a hero material. He lacks conviction and clarity. He has shortfalls in delivery of dialogues too. No doubt that he is a great director. His technical know how of the film is excellent. He also knows how to spend in excess from the pocket of the producer.

Namratha and Rohini have done a neat job while Sharan is highly boring. Ramesh Bhat and Paramesh are convincing and it is regular tear jerker for Archana in the role of mother.

The guest appearance of former CM H.D Kumaraswamy, Balagangadaranatha Swamiji, former don Muthappa Rai, Vinayaprakash and Ambarish does not add to the value of the film.

The appearance of Mallika Sherawat in a song number is lost in the crowd of people dancing around her.

R.P.Patnayak has once again given below average music. Only two songs – “Neene neene…”and “Chandamama” songs are worth hearing. A lot of strain and struggle is taken by cameraman M.R.Seenu.

This is worth watching once.

Scoring 6/10


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