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Gaja – Feast for Darshan fans

Posted by harino1 on January 24, 2008

Yet another challenging star Darshan film has come with usual run of the mill contents. Darshan looks bit different from his hair style and as usual worked very hard in the action scenes. This no doubt a paisa vasool treat for his fans even before the Sankranthi festival.

This film has strong shades of ‘Bhadra’ Telugu film is good in narration and dialogues. Dialogues written by veteran K.V.Raju is punching at places. Director Madesh in his debut holds the attention for his flash back technique. Good tunes and sparking photography add up to the value of the film although it is a regular stuff for hero Darshan.

Gaja (Darshan) hailing from an undivided family is a man with nerves. He brings in a strange guest to the house that is Shwetha (Navya Nayar). Every member of the family is suspicious about whereabouts of Shwetha. Although Shwetha adjust to the house and she is identified as the new daughter in law of the house in the flash back the ghastly long tale opens up. Shwetha is brought up by Devendra (Devaraj) and she has a brother Krishna (Saurav). Gaja a close friend of Krishna falls in love with the pretty looks and attitudes of Shwetha who is staying in London. In her come back to her place Shwetha also evince interest in Gaja but it is a very difficult issue to express it to Devendra. A strict disciplinarian Devendra likes the proposal to the surprise of everyone. But it is the old vengeance that surface takes the toll of Devendra, his wife, Krishna and her fiancé. Gaja rescuing Shwetha runs away from the scene on the advice of Devendra but before this he kills the second important person in the rival gang.

Hearing this tale the family members of Gaja become very close to Shwetha but in big city the hunt for Gaja is on. Gaja seeing the safety of Shwetha take on the gang that is behind him. The lieutenant of Devendra comes to his help at the last minute. On the other hand Shwetha who evince interest in going back to London after the major tragedy in her family decided against to her decision and stays with Gaja.

The stunts by Darshan are mind blowing. The dialogues are a treat to the front benchers. Darshan reminds his father when he delivers the dialogue in high pitch. Navya Nayar in her debut is a treat to watch. She has great future ahead. Devaraj, Shobaraj, Master Hirannaiah, Komalkumar, Lamboo Nagesh, have given good support.

Harikrishna maintains the melody in three songs. The fast number Ithalakadi… Mathu Nannavalu…patho song O Manase…are well sung by Shanker Mahadevan, Shamitha, Sonu Nigam, Shreya and Kunal Ganjawala.

Cinematography is adequate for the action, melodrama and romance portions. There is mood for every portion of the film via lighting in the camera work of Ramesh Babu.

Go if you are an action lover!

Scoring 6/10


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