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Honganasu – Lackadaisical

Posted by harino1 on January 24, 2008

For the built up Rathnaja has given for making his second film ‘Honganasu’ and his hot headed nature the result of the film is lackadaisical. In showcasing the pure affection of ‘Attige Maidhuna’ (Sister in law and brother in law) he crosses the border. All is not well in the first half and second half. The protracted style of explaining is a torture. At the outset the first half of the film is a mere waste of time, money and energy. When the film goes to flash back the main crux that surface does not hold the interest.

Mr Rathnaja please give up your over confidence!

Sagar (Premkumar) is on one point mission to bring in Soumya (Anuradha Mehta) the match of his brother Santosh (Adarsha) to his house. That is the wish of his father. To make ways clear for this he has to get his sister married first. In order to do so he has to sacrifice. He should agree for mutual exchange of him and sister to another family. To do so he has to see Impana (Anjali) who is studying in Dental College. When he convinces Impana it is time for interval. Back home he finds a sad development. His brother Sagar is not interested in Soumya. The dream of his late father is shattered. Sagar on knowing the developments is helpless.

Premkumar the lovely star of Kannada cinema is likely to have his third failure. He has nothing absorbing for his fans and he is underdog in the hands of director as his hero image is shattered in the climax. Anjali is the good find and she has lovely career in the coming days.

Rest of the artistes like Ananthnag, Ramesh Bhat, Naveen Krishna, Tarun Sudhir, Vinayaprasad, Chetan do not have anything very impressive. Hamsalekha is the main savior of this film. He has given lovely tunes. Cinematography is average.

Rathnaja’s lack of sense and failing to handle the script in a crisp and tidy style foils the attempt.

Scoring 5/10


2 Responses to “Honganasu – Lackadaisical”

  1. seemaprasad said

    mr lackadaisical-mr unenthusiastic.looks like you have somepersonal hatred against mr rathnaja .u talk only about his hot tempermant.people who have stuff might come accross as arrogant .talk about his the way your saying that he crosses border in showing the relationship between attige and maidhuna which is next to mother and son . mr rathnaja has been succesful in doing body could have done a better job in depicting such a beautiful relationship so beautifully..first of all people with wrong thoughts and mind definetely tend not to understand how sacred this relationship is. go with the right frame of mind.hats off to mr ratnaja for making movies based on women.dont make such dirty remarks in your review .looks like have no sensibility

    Dear Seemaprasad,
    Thanks for ur interest to hav interaction with us. We are very sorry if the review hav affected u, we hav no intension to do so.

    Review Team.

  2. jaya said




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