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Kangaroo – ‘Kangaru’ is worth watching

Posted by harino1 on January 24, 2008

Prithviraj has been lucky enough with the films which had English titles. Be it with ‘Classmates’, ‘Chocolate’ or ‘Khakhi’, all did well to increase the fan followings of the star. The new movie from him for this Christmas, with another English title ‘Kangaru’ was tipped as one that may reveal the potential of the actual crowd puller from the younger lot. Coming particularly after the bumper hit ‘Chocolate’, the film is definitely a time-pass flick that won’t ruin the prospects of the star material in Prithviraj. The movie directed by Raj Babu could have done better if it has been crisper and the narration, a little racy.

The film is set in the backdrop of Christian milieu, particularly as all the associated characters are from knanaya sabha, which has got a plenty of ceremonies attached with their marriages. The film tells about the life and endeavors of Josootty, a Masters Degree holder in Commerce hailing from the famous Palakunnil tharavaadu. But as the present economic situation of this tharavaadu was quite pathetic, he is forced to become an auto rickshaw driver to look after his family which consists of an ageing mother, an  insane elder brother Mathukutty, and two sisters, one who was married off to an electricity board worker, but staying back in her house due to financial problems. Josootty now keeps on attending all other interviews, but couldn’t make good of them and is now waiting for a lottery to end his incessant problems.

It is in this juncture, Pappykutty, the panchayat member and a part time marriage broker, who is also a friend of Josootty, brings in an offer, attached with heavy dowry to marry an unwed mother Nancy (Kavery), hailing from Manikyaleth tharavadu, the richest family of the area. She is the sister of Stephen, who is ready to offer anything for a suitable man who is ready to marry Nancy .But already Josootty has a silent love for Jancy (Kavya Madhavan), sister of Nancy who met him in his auto. Papi Kunju arranges for a meeting with Nancy, but due to a mix-up he meets Jancy, her sister, confuses her as Nancy and readily agrees to marry. To escape another incommopdious situation in his house, Papi force Josootty to claim he is the father of the child of Nancy. Meanwhile Stephen’s family henchman Monachan (Jayasuriya) who dislikes Josootty   complicates every matter related to him. And on the day of the engagement Josootty finds that he has mistaken Jancy for Nancy, but before he could do anything to escape the situation, Nancy is found dead hanging on her room. All that was left for Josootty was to take care of  the baby, as he  openly proclaimed the parenthood earlier as  the father of the child  .He stitches a ‘Kangaru’ pouch   and starts  taking  the baby  in style all around in his auto. But by this time, Nancy comes to know about the truth behind the claims  and the story progresses to reveal how all the irrepressible  happened to both  the families and how Josootty with the aid of his fellow drivers find ways to get out of them, in an impressive climax.

Prithviraj as Josootty does a decent job, emotes with passion and casualness in   some of the difficult scenes and holds the film together. Kavya Madhavan with her new looks, makes a stunning presence as Jancy. Prithviraj and Kavya’s good onscreen chemistry helps the film to move in their realms for long. And as usual Jayasuriya excels in another role that fit to him like anything. Lalu Alex as Stephen and Kavery as Nancy are also appealing enough

‘Kangaru’ is all together a better done family entertainer, but the problem with the film is that it unfolds in a leisurely pace in two hours and thirty minutes, which drags at a few points. The knanaya functions add a not yet seen dimensions to the proceedings initially, but adds to the drag else where. Jagathy and Suraj bring in some laughs, but attempts for chuckles by Harishree Ashokan and Salimkumar appear over done with half baked results. The story also has some loose ends, which leave the movie goers leave a yawn at times. A little bit of re editing, even in scripts of J Pallassery, could have made this another solid fare for the box office.

The technical side is strictly ok with Saloo George behind the camera and V Sajan in the editing departments. Alex Paul once again has created a hit in “Mazha mani mukile” the only song that he has done for the film. His background scoring also invites interests. Saji Raam the other music director has given music to another couple of songs of which “Aariraaro”, by Yesudas is good.

Though the film fails to maintain its racy pace, it succeeds in marginally retaining the audiences’ interest till the end. Unlike most recent small banner films, ‘Kangaru’ may prove to be a hit product, if marketed well.


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