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Vaazhthugal – Thought provoking

Posted by harino1 on January 24, 2008

Director Seeman’s ‘Vaazhthugal’ has dealt with many dimensions of today’s life. The movie, without lashing out any attack on anyone in particular, tries to draw our attention towards today’s lifestyle that gives little room for finer elements of life and amicable coexistence. It also, rather indirectly, underlines the importance of adoring one’s mother tongue, which is inherently linked with one’s culture.

Seeman, known for his social outlook, has narrated a story of two pleasant families with divergent outlooks on love. Both families believe in human values but differ when it comes to love. Can a girl and boy love each other without hurting the elders and deep rooted family values?

Kadhiravan (R Madhavan) belongs to a small family that has high values. The noble hearted Kadhiravan is the head of a software firm. He is skeptical about marriage, as he is scared by the bitter marital experience of his friend, whose parents have gone to old age home.

He is forced to rethink by Kayal Vizhi (Bhavana), the enchanting agriculture student, who has got international acclaim. Kadhiravan gets to see her interview in a TV channel which reveals her wonderful outlook towards life and relationships.

The interview shows her grand big family with full of aunts, uncles and cousins, with Tamil names and ruled by the majestic grandpa (portrayed be Na. Muthusamy of Koothu-P-Pattarai). The home is full of sweetness and unadulterated love.

Kadhiravan, impressed by the girl and her values, falls for her. He particularly loves her family, which adores its elder members. He realizes that he has found his girl and decides to change his mind towards marriage.

He wants to win the hearts of the family members instead of approaching them formally fearing the possible rejection. He enters into the house in the disguise of an interior decorator and wins the heart of everyone, including Kayal. He finishes his hidden mission just when he finishes the job of renovating the huge house.

The problem erupts when the family, which doesn’t believe in love, comes to know about the love. No one in the family is ready to accept the love, as everyone fears that love would ruin the family. How Kadhiravan and Kayalvizhi break the ice forms the rest of the story.

Seeman has to be commended for making a film that makes us think about our life style and changing values. He has driven home the strong message to society to care for others, especially the elders. He has also shown that one could make a film without showing anyone as baddie. The scenes that portray the blossoming of love are poetic.

His penchant for Tamil language is praise worthy. His effort to go for 100% Tamil even at the expense of reality in certain places is admirable, given the overall atmosphere in the society, where the place for the ancient language is shrinking. Someone has to bell the cat and Seeman has dared to do that.

However, there are certain flaws in the screenplay. The grand joint family falling apart over the issue of love is not convincing. The grandpa’s instruction to everyone in the family to deal the issue with affection sounds good. But the way it turns out to be violent is hard to digest. It is hard to believe that the love shared by the traditional family members is not deep enough to withstand such eventualities. The pace of the movie could have been better.

The climax, however, is convincing. The dialogues between Kadhiravan and the grand father are on love, have been well written.

‘Chocolate boy’ Madhavan, as a kind hearted entrepreneur, is a delight to watch. His pleasing expressions strengthen the character and the message. He scores highpoints in romantic sequences. His expressions in emotional sequences are competent.

Bhavana as Kayal carries the role of a cute young girl with a lot of love and affection, with ease. She is quite expressive and energetic. The girl is known for deglamorised beauty and Seeman, who is not the one who tries to thrive on the glamour element, has utilized her elegant charm commendably.

Seeman has introduced a few new faces. Na. Muthusamy, one of the founders of the unique theatre group Koothu-P-Pattarai, impresses with his majestic looks and authentic expressions. The man, who has a hand in shaping up the talents like Pasupathy, handles his role with amazing ease. He excels in the climax.

Artist Trotsky Marudu, another debutant, looks cool as the father of the hero.

Venkat Prabhu, as Kadhiravan’s friend, provides some comic relief. He handles his role as an experienced actor would do.

Yuvan Shankar Shankar Raja’s songs are tuneful and melodious. The songs Chinna Chinna, Azhagu Nila (written by Paaventhar Bharathidasan), and Kannil Vanthathum stand out. Na. Muthukumar’s lyrics go in tandem with the theme of the movie. Cinematography by Sanjay is beautiful.

Overall, ‘Vaazhthugal’ is a worthwhile effort by Seeman on the changing values of our society, with a positive message


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