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Ashoka – Fast paced thriller

Posted by harino1 on February 5, 2008

Ashoka, directed by Prem, who has also donned the lead role, is definitely a fast paced and action packed thriller. The film could have been an outstanding effort, if the director has avoided certain glaring loopholes and the unwarranted sentiments in the narrative.

Ashoka (Prem) is the chief security officer assigned to guard the Prime Minister. The dutiful guard saves the PM from a murder plan hatched by a dangerous terrorist gang. The goons headed by Naveen, assigned the work of killing the PM.

Huzoor (Raghuvaran) is an immigrant from Pakistan, who pressurizes the Deputy PM Anandraj to kill the PM. Since Anandraj was brought up and nurtured by Huzoor, he works according to his will with loyalty. Their master plan to murder the PM through the hooligans in the airport is thwarted by a dutiful and courageous officer Ashoka.

Though the PM is shot by the gang, he survives and is admitted in the hospital for treatment. The group then plans to kill him in the hospital despite the presence of tight security. Naveen, who has some astonishing powers like stopping his heart beats by some yoga technique, is determined to kill the PM at any cost. He, along with a girl, manages to penetrate the hospital.

Now he is near by the PM. He has done his home work well. He is about to kill the PM in an unpredictable way, defying the tight security. He also has Plan 2 in place.

Could Ashoka and his troupe save the PM? If yes, how do they manage to save him from a multi talented killer, who has come near by the PM? Prem has worked out a racy script to narrate the ordeal of protecting the PM’s life. He has done his home work well. The security arrangements have been credibly depicted. Even the minute details are taken care of. The twists and turns keep the proceedings alive. The execution of action scenes (by Rocky Rajesh) is noteworthy. The choices of villain and the girl, who accompany him, are appropriate.

Prem has come out with a credible performance. He is convincing as a no-nonsense officer, focused in the job. Anusri, the attractive young nurse, provides some relief with her cute interruptions. Rajeev as the chief doctor is impressive.

The loopholes, however, are too obvious to ignore. Most of the twists are based on illogical events. The way Naveen gets into the hospital and the staying of the girl in the hospital are not at all convincing. We can go on listing out many such loopholes. The sentimental track is uncalled for and poorly handled. Om Prakash’s camera and Sabesh-Murali’s re-recording add to the overall impact of the thrilling action.

The patriotic rhetoric, messing up with the Pak-India relationships, obvious loopholes, boring conversation between Anandraj and Raghuvaran, and above all, the irritating mother sentiment are the weak points of the movie.

Prem deserves to be appreciated for his courage and hard work to come out with a thriller with a racy script, without no songs and other commercial ingredients. Prem could have made the film a better fare had he avoided the glaring loopholes and the sentimental sequences.


2 Responses to “Ashoka – Fast paced thriller”

  1. Excellent movie ! Enjoyed watching it ! But mother sentiment was unwanted and third rated ! Why tamil mothers are always suffering ? Can’t they ever be happy in their lives ?

  2. Anushree was cute and sexy.Loved her!

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