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Beladingalaagi Baa – Mediocre film

Posted by harino1 on February 5, 2008

Ace dialogue writer turned director and screenplay writer M.S.Ramesh fails to give kicking moment in the long drawn out ‘Beladingalaagi Baa’. He has handled the film in a soft nature without giving the required jerks to attract the masses. The concept he has picked is quite interesting – There is nothing in front of ‘Peace and Love’. But the bottleneck is consumption of more time to say very thin storyline.

Vivek (Vijay Raghavendra) grown up under the shadow of grand father (played by Dr.Chandrasekhar Kambara) falls in love with Vasu (Ramanithu Chaudhary) in a marriage function. Vivek is straightforward guy who puts his proposal to Vasu’s father who is an inspector. The nature and attitude of Vivek gives him passing marks by the strict inspector (Avinash) but the road to marriage is not easy for Vivek. He knows that his father is an underworld don that the inspector is looking for when his grandfather narrates the tale in the flash back. Vivek decide to solve his problem and clear the way for marriage. That is not easy for him. His father Kapu (Shobaraj) and Prakash (Rangayana Raghu) are arch rivals. When Vasu is teased by Prakash gang member Vivek bash that guy and unknowingly he is caught in the net of problems. Prakash is looking for Vivek blood but Kapu is safeguarding Vivek because he is his son.

With nefarious goondas throwing some ticklish problem to Vivek he goes on the route of ‘Peace and Love’ instead of violence. That is what his grandfather has taught him. On the other hand Vasu goes to Kapu’s house to narrate the piquant situation arising out of his position. Kapu changes his attitude for the sake of his son and surrenders to police. But Prakash is not ready to do so. Vivek bends him with courage in the climax to happily get acceptance for his marriage.

Vijaya Raghavendra makes a cake walk. He is good in dialogue delivery and looks the perfect guy to emote such roles. Ramanithu Chaudhury is mesmerizing with her looks. She is like ‘Chaand Ka Tukda’. Rangayana Raghu the one eyed villain evokes laughter more than shooting troubles. Shobaraj graduation to more decent role is acceptable. Avinash as usual strict father and cop is apt. Dr.Chandrasekhar Kambara is what irking throughout the film. The genius writer should look for something better than acting.

Except one song Sari Sari…..shot beautifully too others are not melodious from Gurukiran. Dasari Seenu provided good work through his camera.


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