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Avva – Nothing Worthwhile

Posted by harino1 on February 10, 2008

The high expectations director of repute Kavitha Lankesh ‘Avva’ has built up falls flat. This is a readable episode of her father P.Lankesh ‘Mussanje Kathaprasanga’ not for film media. That is because of the contents that are distasteful. Avenging revenge and sexual hunger are in the center stage of this film ‘Avva’. The use of bad language by Rangavva and Baramanna, lip locking scenes between Vijay and Smitha are the mainstay of the film which director thinks then it is a very disgusting scenario around us. A serious film viewer comes out from the theatre he will be left with lot bad words in his mind. Such words are not routine in our social life draws a bad impact.

Rangavva (Shruthi) is a hot headed bad tongue lady doing the money lending in the village. She is from upper caste. She has a dimple chin sweet looking daughter Savanthri (Smitha). The only intention of Rangavva is to marry her daughter and see her position is not shaken in the village. She has a strong opponent Baramanna (Rangayana Raghu). There is another youth in the village Manja (Vijay) who is behind Savanthri. The tough fight between Rangavva and Baramanna on the one side a village school master poking his nose for everything, the barking woman who is the mother of spoilt brat child who works as mediator and the sex hungry wife of Baramanna are the major characters of this ‘Avva’.

When Rangavva faces uphill task from Baramanna and his daughter Savanthri falling in love with Manja also causes worries for her. She takes the daring step of marrying her daughter to lower caste Manja. That shuts the mouth of everyone.

With such a wafer thin storyline director Kavitha Lankesh expand it with unnecessary and unwanted scenes all of them not add to the value of the film. The today’s genre likes the soft, sophisticated and sensible style of narration not this rugged style of presentation.

Shruthi mouthing filthy dialogues has given a punching performance. She is a good actress known as soft and caring heroine on Kannada screen for the first time quarreled on the screen using objectionable words. Vijay has nothing to boost up his image. This is a film he should not have accepted. Except kissing Smitha in half a dozen cases this ‘Kissinger’ has nothing to brighten his prospects. If Smitha is under the impression that participation in kissing scenes would definitely give her a good position in Kannada films she is wrong. It is only the talent that takes the career for long. Not the Mallika or Bipasha way!

Rangayana Raghu steals the show with natural style. Enagi Nataraj a stage actor is irritating. Hanumakka does too much of barking.

There is only one song sung by MD Pallavi that is tolerable. Madhu Ambat returns to Kannada after ‘Thabarana Kathe’. He does an excellent job but the satellite viewing of the film at Tribhuvan theatre on Friday 4.30 pm show has spoiled his work.

This is less than average film even in the village side it is difficult to sustain.

Scoring 5/10


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