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Bindhaas – Puneeth excel Hansika shines

Posted by harino1 on February 18, 2008

This one releasing the next day of Valentine Day is pleasant for the budding lovers in the first half especially because there are new ways suggested by protagonist Shivu to propose his lover Preethi. The first half is refreshing and the post interval is protracted with lot of bashing up from the protagonist and yesteryears tale disgusting to see from veteran director D.Rajendra Babu. This happens to be his 50th film and there is nothing much to laugh for him.

Power star Puneeth Rajakumar seems to have fallen in love to the first half screenplay. The usual Police, underworld don and love winning at the end have been poured on the silver screen time and again.

Shivu (Puneeth Rajakumar) does pickpocket and sells cinema tickets in the black. He is totally flat to the beauty of Preethi (Hansika). How to get in touch with her and build up affinity is the idea he works out in a brilliant style that every boy would like to do at the initial level of loving his girl. That is the Bindhaas style. Be happy no BP is the Mantra of Shivu. After initial hate-love meetings Shivu decides to ascertain the feel in the mind of Preethi. He hands over a cover and says she will definitely open it to know the contents. Preethi says it is impossible. The next day Preethi hands over the letter to Shivu and says she has won. No you have lost says Shivu. It is because she could not read the lovely contents in the letter he says. By slip of the tongue Preethi says no there was nothing in the letter. That is true because Shivu had inserted only blank sheet in the cover. The final test in love Shivu wins and Preethi this time is absolutely in love with Shivu for his intelligence.

Preethi daughter of ACP Vikram Rathod (Nazer) wants the way to be cleared. But Shivu wants a job before his marriage. At this time ACP knows that his daughter in love with petty thief Shivu and give him the post of police informer. At this time ACP says he will clear the way for his marriage with Preethi. Now Shivu a police informer goes in to the den of dons. He wants to catch Saleem the terrorist who has been responsible of blasting of three important buildings.

The mission of Shivu is complete but the ACP deceives him. The frustrated Shivu takes law in to his own hand in clearing his decks for joining Preethi.

Puneeth Rajakumar has given a lively performance in the first half and punching in the second half. His dancing ability and action scenes are fabulous. Hansika is a sweet Cadbury chocolate. She has good timing at places and she is cool in her maiden Kannada film. Komal Kumar, Suman, Rahul Dev, Nazer have given notable performance.

Gurukiran has two lovely tunes – thara thara ontharaa…. And Gubbachchigudinalli….The redeeming feature of this film is the cinematography by H.C.Venu. The Austria locations, top angles, color scheming he has used are very pleasant to the eyes.

Action feast for the fans!


One Response to “Bindhaas – Puneeth excel Hansika shines”

  1. Ranjith said

    it is a great movie i have seen it 5 times and i like all songs and stunts. i like the ating of puneet rajkumar.hey pakka local nannu

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