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Thotta – Masala unlimited

Posted by harino1 on March 1, 2008

Director Selva has no pretensions. He has made it very clear that he wants to make an out and out commercial masala to entertain the masses. The intention shows in each frame from the word go.

Though the story line that revolves around a thug has nothing to rave about, Selva has managed to come out with a script – especially in the second half – that holds your attention intact. The first half moves on narrating how a boy, who becomes an orphan, is saved by an auto driver and later ‘adopted’ by a police officer. The officer names him as Thotta and brings him up as a ruthless rowdy, who would eliminate anybody on demand.

Thotta (Jeevan) becomes a gang leader and makes a lot of money by executing murders for money. The officer (Sampathraj) becomes commissioner and indulges in all sort of shady activities with the help of powerful Thotta.

Life goes on smoothly till Thotta meets Nalina (Priyamani), who is the daughter of the auto driver. He feels indebted and tries to help the family. He helps her without revealing his real identity. He promises her to get her a job in police department, which is her dream.

He seeks the help of his mentor cum police commissioner but he demands her to sleep with him to get the posting. Thotta revolts and subsequently the mentor and the disciple become enemies.

The rest of the movie deals with the tug of war between the powerful dada and the all powerful police commissioner. Though Thotta predictably triumphs at the end, the movie moves on with many unpredictable twists. There are too many interesting tracks interwoven in the script. The love and hate between Nalina and Thotta, the parting of Thotta’s lieutenant and close friend Giri (Vishnupriyan), the investigation of central minister’s murder, and the role played by rival gang headed by Vana Roja (Hema Chowdry) ensure interesting narrative. The unexpected climax fits well in to the script.

Director Selva has done a few things in a different manner. He hasn’t depicted the clichéd love between a thug and a girl from a normal family. He has attributed the attachment to the sense of gratitude. The girl’s aversion towards rowdies is well portrayed. The friendship between Thotta and Giri getting affected by Giri’s wife (Mallika) is effectively depicted. The investigation drama and the cold war between the officers are interestingly handled. The Vana Roja twist is something unexpected and credibly presented.

The director could have made a better film, if he had concentrated more on Thotta’s character. The character lacks shades and dimensions. The initial scenes move on in a predictable and clichéd manner. The movie lacks finesse though it manages to entertain. Most of the songs serve as speed breakers and at least two songs could have been avoided. The characters of Sampath Raj, Livingston, and Santhana Bharathi are clichéd.

Jeevan has established himself as a commercial hero who could romance and fight. He has style and looks. His body language has improved in stunt scenes but he must try to become more credible when it comes to emoting. His dialogue delivery is another area that needs to be improved.

Priyamani has already made it clear that she wants to be known as a glamourous heroine and she has made a strong and viable claim for the status in this film. The beautiful girl hasn’t hesitated to flaunt her body, especially in the rain song. She excels in emotional scenes as well.

Depicting a police officer with shades is like a piece of cake for the veteran Sampath Raj and he comes up with flying colours. Vishnupriyan and Mallika have done their respective parts with conviction, while Mayilsamy has managed to provide some funny moments. Hema Chowdry has made an impact in a significant role. Others including Livingston, Thalaivaasal Vijay, Santhana Bharathi are competent.

Srikanth Deva has given a variety of tunes. Mugam Poo and Venum Venum are soothing to the ears, while the peppy songs like Sami Aaduda and Vaa Vaa Mappillai are appealing. But the back ground music and the percussions in the songs are too loud to be loved.

Overall, the movie scores as an entertainer without trying to do anything special. The neat script with lot of twists has done the magic.


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