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Jubilee – Fails to impress

Posted by harino1 on March 9, 2008

Whenever we are offered a movie with a sizeable debutant line up in its cast or crew, we become very much enthusiastic to point out what they do to make a movie worth watching. But, of late, at least for a year, we have been witnessing a lot of films from debut hands, made without any sense or logic, or with any integrity or sincerity to make it an entertaining one. ‘Jubilee’ is also one such movie, that doesn’t offer you much. It can even to be rated average.

‘Jubilee’ proclaims in its posters that it is ”a family celebration”.  An absolute key to making a family  film like this ”work” is in the storytelling, the deftness in  making  the audience feel the characters  that they often find in their real lives and  make them wonder about its clever  narratives .(sometimes even  from a regular plot) .’Jubilee’ fails miserably to get us caught up in it to the point we experience it with the characters. Rather it develops into an average movie that doesn’t necessarily care if the viewers are involved in the proceedings, on screen.

The large joint family, headed by eighty year old Thomas Kora, is the scene of action in this drama that involves the youngest son Joji, popularly called as Jubilee, as he was born after the jubilee of this father. A man of perspicacious principles and punctuality, Kora has two sons and three daughters. An automobile engineer by profession, Joji is also a specialist in motor cycle races, but an immature adult who can’t keep serious relationships, taking life as it comes. He has got his gang of friends ranging from Isho who is a coffin dealer (deftly played by Jagathy ) to Sheikh (who runs a pampers shop near ladies hostel) and Anandhakuttan (Salimkumar). Joji also faces a little problems from his  dominating  acerbic, self centered sister in law and his brother anto, a hen-pecked husband who are trying ways to snatch the entire possession of the English  bungalow , in which the whole family  are staying now.

As Kora Sahib is planning to marry off Sisily, the only daughter of his eldest daughter, who died years ago, Anto and his wife wisely, tries to unsettle their father’s plans.   Making adjustments gets tough for everybody, But in no time Joji part his ugly ways to become a more mature youngster looking for better opportunities in life, than to go after for his silly dreams. At this point of time, Joji faces an allegation of a murder of a young girl and is soon detained for questioning by Crime Branch. Everyone from his friends to the family members ditches him after the related incidents. Joji , now  left with the only  support from  his father tries to pop out  of the  problems. Can Joji get over the troubles and save the family from a break down, forms the second half of the movie.

The story of ‘Jubilee’ by the director himself doesn’t have any originality and has many similarities to the many movies that we had been with, in the past. The movie pretends to be a family story but the director keeps that theme on the surface and brings in a bit of love story with unwanted song sequences, and even tries for a bit of a thriller menu, which spoils the whole thing, resulting in a silly movie with a silly theme.

Saiju Kurup as Joji tries to do justice to his role, but is handicapped by the pathetic ludicrous plot … Innocent as Kora Sayip is also in his usual self. Manasa as Angel, has nothing to do in an eye candy appearance. None of the characters in the film make any attempt to be appealing, resulting in a debilitating family drama that is disturbing than engaging. Some of the characters in the movie are a total waste. With  no sequencing  that would make your pulse race or make you look forward to what was going to happen, the film’s plot  moves out of focus .Very few scenes are  done quite imaginatively by the director Gee George, who gives us a feel that he was forced to complete the movie  in a shoe string  budget.

The   highlights of the film that deserves mention are the cinematography by MJ Radhakrishanan, who made good use of the locales at peer made   and the songs set to music by the débutante  Shyam Dharman. ‘Aaranu nee’ and ‘Sharike sharike’ both sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan are pick among the  four songs  of which some are visualized aptly. The film that gets completed in little less than two hours too looks sloppy and dragging as if  edited by a blind person.

‘Jubilee’ is another movie that may not suit your general purpose of getting entertained. It is a movie that rarely works.


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