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Varasdhara – Fine effort

Posted by harino1 on March 9, 2008

Debutant director Guru Deshpande has done a neat and tidy work although he is inspired from ‘God Father’ and ‘Sircar’ films. The concept of local underworld dons up against the terrorist is a timely thought in the wake of terrorism entering Karnataka state. The message that passes from this film is that the local dons working together in evaporating the terrorist attack is a point to be discussed even in the police department. The dons know the exact hideouts. With not just this point debutant Guru Deshpande attracts. He has a fine control over the screenplay, made the right selection of artists and presented the film in an intelligent style.

Shakthi Prasad (Ravi Belegere) although has nefarious background is strong enough to control any situation. He has the people power behind him. When he is hospitalized all community people pray. Some even dare to douse. Others do bhajan in front of the hospital. Why Shakthi Prasad is in the hospital? He has received a bullet hit to his chest when he strongly opposed the terrorism entering the city. He had convened a meeting of all underworld dons and took oath from them that the underworld would not sustain the state attacked by terrorists. Paying penalty for strengthening the power to eradicate terrorism Shakthi Prasad is taking treatment. His son Daksha (Sandeep) discarded his father for a mistaken identity arrives on the scene that further strengthens Shakthi Prasad. When terrorists strike Shakthi Prasad again in the hospital it is Daksha who handle the situation. When Shakthi Prasad comes back to home strict vigilance is not able to understand that there is a man inside waiting to kill Shakthi Prasad. At the right time Shakthi Prasad is killed by his right hand man. From here the war is waged by Daksha and his men in a brisk style. The hideout of terrorists is nothing but the house of Daksha fiancé. After a few ticklish moment three of four terrorists fix bomb to a mosque, temple and Vidhana Soudha. Daksha and his team finding right clues chase the terrorists in the mosque and unearth their further attacks.

Sandeep and Ashwini have great future ahead. In their debut both have done well, they look very good and understood the roles very well. Both are at ease in romantic moments. Ravi Belegere should have been used more on the screen. The trump card his dialogue is not in the punching styles. Suchindra Prasad playing terrorist role is a fine selection. Dattanna has given admirable support.

Rajesh Ramanath gives three lovely tunes that are superb visually from the cinematography of Mohan.

This is worth watching once.


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