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Nanda Loves Nanditha – Rude and crude

Posted by harino1 on March 21, 2008

The wrong message and wrong use of this powerful mass media is inexcusable – this is what every social concern human being in film media should understand. ‘Nanda love Nanditha’ is in the same direction it seems. Carelessly driven out sons should become the underworld dons the film passes the message rather stupidly. The focus made on the slum residents is also a wrong message. All those who live there have nefarious connections the film concludes. Where is the iota of responsibility? Showing deadly proceedings and mixing it with some songs and mother sentiments the film points to kill for existence of life in precarious conditions. There is no police at all in this film ‘Nanda love Nanditha’. All moves at the whims and fancies of the story and screenplay writer Ajaykumar. An MLA in the making is brutally attacked the police does not come. In busy roads the chase of two rival gang come across but there is no police. Why only this you would be astonished in the market places when hell breaks out the police do not come on scene.

The story line is wafer thin. Nanda a disheartened youngster sent out from the house works for underworld gang. He takes up a case to kill the contestant MLA for huge ransom. He is in a hideout. His fiancé is shocked with this terrible attack by Nanda. That is Nanditha who vacates the place where she is living because she has a similar case of her brother in the house. Nanda in extreme love with Nanditha runs from pillar to post to find her. Nanditha adhering to her mother agrees for marriage with widower. All is not well at the marriage hall. Nanda also comes to this place where the tragedy takes the life of Nanda and Nanditha.

What one can learn from this film? The subject is worn out. The lead actor is unbearable to watch on screen. The heroine is too young to play this role. There are two songs well captured and cinematography shows more pain than pleasures on the screen capturing the reality.

Yogish as hero should learn lot of lessons. He has made a wrong jump from a paltry role in ‘Dhuniya’ that has given him mileage. Shwetha has to join the acting classes. Avinash is wasted, Sureshchandra is a big bore.

We don’t compel you to watch this film.


One Response to “Nanda Loves Nanditha – Rude and crude”

  1. kiran said

    nanda nanditha is running super hit in theater coz of emil music director.. the background music was like an a r rahmans quality.. producer earns somthing coz of emil’s jinkemarina

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