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Bhram – No illusion, just a bad plot

Posted by harino1 on April 12, 2008

Bhram the so called illusion has been in talks right from its shooting schedule as constant arguments between Dino Morea and Milind Soman were pushed across the media. Considering the fact that both the handsome hunks were dating Bipasha Basu a long time back; can this be one of the many reasons for a rift?

Nari Hira the media baron behind magazines such as Stardust, Society, Savvy and Showtime steps in as producer for this illusion –Bhram. Pavan Kaul, the son of Surendra Kaul (noted writer of Namak Halal) is the captain of the ship.

Bhram-An illusion is the story of Antara Tyagi (Sheetal Menon) and Shantanu Rawal (Dino Morea) and their love marred by the reality of life. Antra [Sheetal Menon] is a successful model, but is hiding behind the veil of a traumatic past. Shantanu [Dino Morea] is the most eligible bachelor around who is attracted to Antra.

The two develop a strong bond eventually and Antra is introduced to the family and Devendra [Milind Soman], Shantanu’s elder brother. Trauma strikes as Antara connects Dev to her unfortunate past. Is Dev really behind all of it or is it just Antara’s illusion?

To start off with director Pavan Kaul’s so called thriller has no such element at all. The conceiving of the film has been terribly poor. The film just keeps confusing you over and over again and when it’s all done you have a hundred reasons to point out to the writers of the film.

The writng by Bhavani Iyer and screenplay by Radhika Anand has been miserably faulty. The film at times takes a narrative form by Dino Morea and the past and present fuse in to just confuse further. Even the movie starts off like a ‘Woh Lamhe’ with Sheetal Menon in the hospital and just traverses into a road trip of sorts. The interaction of Dino Morea and Chetan Hansraj with various characters they come across lacks believability.

The suspense intensifies and as the events are revealed at the climax its just not effective enough to reason out the prior events. The dialogues of the film courtesy Radhika Anand are crass. Maybe one of the first film’s where the dialogues are just an overdose of the F’S and B’s. Several dialogues involving Sheetal Menon make the viewer just hate her rather than feel sorry for the traumatic child.

Many scenes in the film are purely unwanted. Take for example Dino Morea’s interaction with his Bhabhi-Simone Singh where he actually gives her suggestions of having an affair with him so that her husband gives her due attention. Wonder which brother-in-law would do that?

On the acting front the poor script and crass dialogues leave Sheetal Menon no scope in actually proving her acting credentials. Dino Morea and Chetan Hansraj are wasted. Simone Singh is definitely a talented actress but hardly has anything much to do in the film. Deepshika too is ok.

If there is one person who stands apart from the rest, it’s none other than Milind Soman. Milind passes off well as the business tycoon. He walks elegantly in those well fitting suits and bearded look. No doubt that the weak script hits back at Milind too. But the actor delivers extremely well at the climax. Milind walks in very much like Antonio Banderas from ‘Deparado’ and impresses with his delivery too. He transforms from love towards his brother to shades of anger with ease and elements of believability.

Milind surely deserves better roles and needs to take his acting career more seriously. With the right choice of films, he sure can emerge as on the finest actors around.

The music of the film is good but emerges just about anywhere. ‘Jaane Kyun’ the plagiarized number by Pritam and the ‘Teri Ankhon Ki Narmi’by Sidhart-Suhas fit well.

Cinematography an editing offers nothing great.

On the whole, Pavan Kaul’s Bhram is a poor one. The film is vague in large portions and none of the actors can really save the weak plot. At the box office, the film faces though competition from ‘Khuda Ke Liye’ and ‘Shaurya’.


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