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Ghooli – Film for Sudeep fans

Posted by harino1 on April 12, 2008

With two moving movies such as ‘My Autograph’ and ‘No.73 Shanthinivas’ heading the megaphone too the stylish actor Sudeep showed the path of shifting over from usual ruts. But he has succumbed to commercial formula in ‘Ghooli’. Sudeep films are watched curiously and he is one of the few actors around us who deliver goods. He is a brilliant emotional actor has wasted his effort in this action film. There is nothing new either he or sharp audience can draw from this film. The action scenes are heavy and absurd.

His name is Ghooli. He has not seen school. His growth is horrible with chains and blades as his weapons in the young age. As he grows to become the big don he is a nightmare to his opponents. According to his growth the size of weapons are also big. He has a small and big sharp edge weapons to counter his enemies. Accidentally he meets Ramya in three places. In all these meeting the enemies of Ghooli misconception is that he is in love with the girl. But in the three meetings Ramya learns new things from this ruffian Ghooli. As expected she falls in love with Ghooli opposing all her family members. Ghooli on the other hand tries hard to keep Ramya at a distance but he is also in love. That leads to gory happening in the marriage hall between Ghooli and Ramya. The just married Ghooli and Ramya are separated from this incident. When Ghooli recoup he is shocked to hear the death of Ramya. That is a surprise the director serves for the audience. The fact is that Ramya is in mental asylum because of severe brain damage. Ghooli discover this from the servant of Ramya’s affluent family. But he has the big barricade of his opponents now. Carrying the brain dead Ramya in his hand Ghooli makes a humble request to his opponents. The arms are put down by those who were waiting to put down Ghooli.

Sudeep in this action masala is good when it comes to emotional outburst. Action scenes are good for his fans. Mamatha Mohan Das making debut in Kannada has a great future ahead. Kishore is best in the cop role.

Anoop Seelin a playback singer making debut as music director has very bright chances of shaping up as another bright music director. He has balanced the lyrics and music very well. Ravi in the cinematography department is adequate.

This is a feast for action lovers.


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