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Thaayi – Memorable mother

Posted by harino1 on May 5, 2008

A mother for society! This is the right attitude what the century old written novel of Russian writer Maxim Gharki emphasizes. The film ‘Thaayi’ (based on Maxim Gharki’s ‘Mother’) is not self centered is the first appreciable factor. Secondly the concept coinciding it with the present scenario of globalization director Baraguru Ramachandrappa has adapted is touching. In the days of bizarre of commercial films ‘Thaayi’ the struggle of a mother not for her son but for the release of the society at large from the bondage and curtailment is interesting. We get to see very rarely such fighters for the society good cause.

In the wake of clarion call for band and strikes the management of a factory rules over the working class. This is a major hardship for workers. What is required at this juncture is brining awareness among all workers. Who should ring the bell? The group with leftist attitude surface to solve the crisis of working class despite of band orders. The young Raju (Kumar Govind) the only bread earner in the family is suspected for his straightforward observations. Sensing Raju is the real trouble monger he is imprisoned on wrong charges. Thayavva (Pramila Joshai) mother of Raju wages a silent protest on the advice made by the group of leftist attitude. She knows in her protest that the society has to be liberated first.

Pramila Joshai gives her career best performance. The right emotions, right make up and variations in dialogue delivery is very convincing from this senior Kannada film actress. Kumar Govind is apt, Srinivasmurthy is precise, Nandini Gowda, Karibasaviah and Abhinaya have rendered good support.

The national award winning song Barhtheve Barutheve…is good in meaning and well placed by music director Hamsalekha. Nagaraj Advani is very watchful in his cinematography.

This is a cinema with a purpose. This is a cinema which holds mirror to the society. A good quality film indeed!


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