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Arasangam – An engrossing thriller

Posted by harino1 on May 14, 2008

Congrats Captain Vijayakanth for coming up with a good show in his milestone movie. ‘Arasangam’, the 150th film of Vijayakanth, directed by Madhesh is a whiff of fresh air in Tamil cinema which is full of with commercial pot-boilers. Vijayakanth in the company of Madesh has come out with a thriller which is sure to delight not only his fans but also audience of all sections.

Quite unlike other Vijayakanth movies, ‘Arasangam’ has no punch line dialogues from Vijayakanth, no big song heaping laurels on the hero or clichéd comedy sequences. Madesh has struck to the basics of making an engrossing thriller and succeeds in his attempt.

Though Vijayakanth has donned Khakhi in several films before, in ‘Arasangam’ he plays an instructor in a police training college where in he is brawny as well as brainy. He lends solidity to his role and underplays. He deserves a pat for not tempting to overdo his role.

He unfolds the mystery behind the missing of his colleague cum brother-in-law Manoj (Biju Menon). The screen presence of Vijayakanth as a police officer is set to leave you spellbound.

Navneet Kaur, who plays the wife of Vijayakanth, has no big role to perform, while Sheryl Brindo lends a helping hand to the film. However, the real show- stealer is Biju Menon, who springs a surprise in two different roles.

In a nutshell, the movie is about Arivarasu (Vijayakanth), who leaves for Canada to solve the mystery and he is shocked to find a master plan by an international terrorist gang to kill all the intellectuals in India as part of their plot to check the country’s growth.

How he saves the country with the help of Canadian police officer Lara (Sheryl Brindo) forms the crux of the film.

A pet theme of Vijayakanth and hence he enjoys every part of the film. He is at his ease all through the scene. Especially in the stunt sequences, Captain walks away with applause.

Srikanth Deva’s brisk background score adds pep to the film.

All credit to Madesh, who has shown care in every frame to ensure that ‘Arasangam’ is different from the routinue Vijayakanth films.

The suspense and drama elements in ‘Arasangam’ are sure to keep the audience at the edge of their seats.

For those who enjoy suspense thrillers, ‘Arasangam’ is the right destination.


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