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Baaba – Hopelessly made ‘Baba’

Posted by harino1 on May 14, 2008

This is a hopelessly made film. There is nothing new in the script, screenplay, dialogues and direction. Trishul gives a long boring film that tests your patience. Three songs have been well captured. Pragna looks charming in her debut and debutant actor Karthik shape up better in all areas. There is not even a small social responsibility when the director takes up the school going student in the subject. He makes the 10th standard student to smoke, hold the long sharp edge weapon, speak on rowdy activities and relentlessly falling behind the school going girl student is disgusting to watch on the screen. Where the director Trishul is taking all viewers? He has no common sense.

A director like Trishul is a black spot in the Kannada film scene that is showing good progress. The obsolete script, poor concept in screenplay makes this forgettable film.

Baba (Karthik) is a 10th standard botched student. He does nothing prolific to keep the lower middle class family glad. Just wander in the streets and frighten everyone. How does he get money to ride motorbike and wear colorful dresses? You have no answer. His father is a very pitiable government employee. With no responsibility and earning to his pocket Baba falls in love with Indhu (Pragna). She is not aware of this silent admiration. She is after her 10th standard studies and subservient to her father. Meanwhile Baba’s father (played by Ramesh Bhat) wants him to take a government job after his retirement. From the retirement money he pays Rs.1 lakh kickback and gets a fitting job in the mortuary of government hospital for his son. This is what irritates Baba but he has to accept it to keep the weeping mother and sister happy. He pretends that he is going to the job which his father has got him. When the issue of first month salary crops up in the house Baba is caught. His father follows him one day when he leaves for job. Baba’s father is confirmed that he is not interested in the job for which he has spent Rs.1 lakh. Baba falling in love disturbs his father. He gives a final warning to his son. This time Baba agrees to take up the job. That is because of his first meeting with Indhu. She asks him what is he that he earns to marry her and lead a separate life. It is so sad on the first day of his job at Mortuary department. He finds the body of Indhu to take care.

Playing the lead Karthik looks very weak. He has no screen presence and disgusting in emotions. He should have not taken up this film at this early age. Pragna in her debut has good future. She has the innocence and brightness. Ramesh Bhat is excellent in the supporting role. Padma Vasanthi is adequate. Kurigalu Sunil is appalling.

What is interesting in this Rs.1 crore plus invested film is the fine photography and three lilting songs. The songs are well edited.

This is less than average film.


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