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Prachanda Ravana – Lacks power and continuity

Posted by harino1 on May 24, 2008

The new wave team has made a very good attempt to showcase the significance of ‘Ravan’. The end result is not convincing. Banking on the 55 years old script ‘Prachanda Ravana’ written by Kanagal Prabhakara Sastry the adaptation of it to the present day is a tough task. The seeking of elders and experts opinion in mythological films could have come to the support of first time director Srinivas Prasad. There is definitely grandeur. The costumes and sets look tremendous but complete involvement is missing.

It is interesting to find small bit songs every now and then. It increases the mood of the film that is supported well by the costumes, set properties and graphics.

‘Prachanda Ravana’ begins with Ravan shaking the ‘Kailasa Parvath’ the throne of lord Shiva and Parvathi from the power of his penance. Lord Shiva has not yet given the blessings. This makes Ravan to take extreme step of cutting off his head. This alerts Lord Shiva who comes before Ravan and gives him the ‘Atmalinga’. The scene shifts to Ravan durbar and Mandodhari condemning her husband for doing unfaithful job that is obviously pointing to Seethapaharan. The reel ticks fast without giving much prominence to anything. Once the entry of lord Hanuman takes place the film becomes very interesting. The finding way on the sea is also shown as a passing shot. The hurricane is the war scene wherein in just four arrows Ravan is finished and Seetha is freed.

Dynamic hero Devaraj looks perfect to the role but his full potentiality is not used by the debutant director. The role of Hanuman played by Bharat Bagavathar is the best of all. Rajeshwari a television actress playing the Seetha role is impressive.

There is very good cinematography from Ananth Urs. It is very difficult to maintain the color and mood of the film in a mythological film. The sets used for the film are OK. The songs of Vajrappa scored for stage play of ‘Prachanda Ravana’ retuned here by Mysore Gopi that is good in parts.

This could have been a better cinema. The consultation of experts in the field should have been made.


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