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Don Muthuswami – An overdose of sound effects and a dull plot

Posted by harino1 on May 31, 2008

After heading ‘Jimmy’ as producer a few weeks ago, Mithun Chakraborthy returns as actor with ‘Don Muthuswami’. The film spearheaded by Ashim Samanta , son of the late Shakti Samanta marks his debut as director. The film marks Ashim’s attempt to revive the legendary Shakti Samanta Films banner.


DON MUTHUSWAMI (Mithun Chakraborty) is in a dilemma. His father, before dying, extracts a promise from him that he would mend his ways and become a good man. Muthuswami is in a fix, so are his henchmen who watch in disbelief as his father passes away after the Don has given his promise. There is no going back on his word now. From Don, he wants to transform into Sir Muthuswamy and his henchmen are still with him but they now double up as domestic help.

But Don being Don wants to marry off his daughter to the son of another Don. Sanjana (Hrishitaa Bhatt) refuses to be transferred from her prison like home to another Don’s home. So she resorts to lying that she is pregnant to call off the marriage. Add to it Don’s manager Pritam (Rohit Roy) who wants to marry his daughter and the confusion is complete. The Urdu teacher, Jaikishan (Mohit Raina), hired to polish Don’s language skills also falls in love with Sanjana. And there are the cops who are on the Don’s trail to see whether he has really turned a new leaf. Everything takes place in a matter of one day in the Don’s house.

To begin with, ‘Don Muthuswami’ offers nothing really concrete. The movie seems to be totally inspired by Mithun Chakraborthy’s amazing performance as ‘Krishan Iyer Nariyalpani Wala’ from ‘Agneepath’. The idea is good to portray a south-Indian Don with a talented Mithunda supporting you all the way but director Ashim fails to understand that it requires more than just developing a character to make a good film.

Also, things get worse right from the start with the overdose of unwanted silly sound effects that really annoys. The dialogues of the film are faintly heard thanks to the never ending sound effects that accompany almost every line in the film.

On the acting front, Mithun Charaborthy is fantastic and delivers with ease. He is convincing and funny but there isn’t much he can do when the entire setting and feel of the film fails to grab one’s attention. Mithun makes you laugh with his constant ‘Aiyoo Murga’ and other remarks.

Rohit Roy does well. Shakti Kapoor , Hrishita Bhatt and Mohit Raina fail to impress. Vishal Kotian , one of Mithun’s henchmen impresses with his comic timing.

The music by Anu malik is terrible and two tracks have been totally forced into the film .The film could have been done without the insertion of such boring songs.

Looks like director Ashim Samantha has a long way to go before the Samantha Films banner can shine bright once again like it used to in the good old days. As for the film, it may find a decent pull in the southern regions and Kolkatta where Mithunda has a huge fan following.


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