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Akasha Gange – A fine family entertainer

Posted by harino1 on June 13, 2008

Director Dinesh Baboo’s one of the best films in the career of 25 years ‘Akasha Gange’ is a wholesome entertainer with clean and tidy narration. How come this film stayed in the cans for two years? Distributor Haroon has taken the right step in releasing this family entertainer. Music is the cake and story is the cream of this film ‘Akasha Gange’.

The magic of trio – Dinesh Baboo, K. Kalyan and Deva who created the memorable ‘Amruthavarshini’ has worked out once again. What is notable is that only SPB and Chitra are the playback singers of this film for eight songs. No Ganja, Nigam and Udit in this film so catchy in lyrics and renderings. Every song in the film is melodious and meaningful. Director Dinesh Baboo brings in the shades of his own film ‘Chitra’ (especially the bedroom scene between Chaaya Singh and Mithun Tejaswi) but never disappoints in his touching and entertaining screenplay.

Lakshmi alias Beena (Chaya Singh) the child discarded in havoc is brought up by a Christian lady (played by Vanitha Vasu). As Lakshmi she comes to the house of Jayanthi as music teacher of a disciplined joint family in all respects. No one can say anything against to Jayanthi verdict. The main purpose of Lakshmi coming here is to get a nod of the leader of the family for her immense love to Sonu (Mithun Tejaswi). Lakshmi adheres to all the conditions and slowly earns a good name. The emergence of another relative in the family Smitha creates ripples for the lovers Lakshmi and Sonu. The tightly kept secret that Lakshmi is from a Christian family opens up and so is the love affair between Sonu and Lakshmi. Smitha checks the mind of Lakshmi and she is convinced that the love is pure and feels she should not barge in. How to explain it to the head of the family Jayanthi? As the days pass the intimacy of Lakshmi and Sonu further creates complications. Lakshmi is declared pregnant in the house is a dangerous issue to cope up. Meanwhile Jayanthi is up to the marriage between Sonu and Smitha. The complications piles up as big tension for audience get convincing answer. How the director releases complications one after the other is interesting part to watch on the screen.

Chaaya Singh is sure to get a few awards for her performance. The sober and soft looks of Chaya Singh, her ability to emote the glowing eyes are a treat to watch. Mithun Tejaswi is apt. But from tragic looks he should come out. Jayanthi as the head of the family has given a memorable performance. Dharma from shabby roles so far has been graduated to a better role. Smitha light up the moment when she is on the screen. This is her debut film but she has delivered her performance very well. It is Komal who keeps the audience laughing at least on half a dozen occasions.

Kalyan and Deva combination is another redeeming feature of this film. Chitra or SPB are likely to bag awards for singing from this film. Why only singers, cinematographer Ravi Suverna, director Dinesh Baboo should get the recognition in the right way for a beautiful piece of work in ‘Akasha Gange’.

Kuhu Kuhu Kogile…sung by Chitra, Manase Preethiya Manase….(Avamana has become Havamana) sung by SPB, Malli Malli…sung by SPB and Chitra are very melodious.


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