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Summer 2007 – A complete downer!

Posted by harino1 on June 18, 2008

Within weeks of his first release, Sikandar’s next releases without much hype. This time around there isn’t the Sanjay Gupta back up, but under the Atul productions banner directed by Suhail Tatari. The film also includes Gul Panag, Arjan Bajwa, Uvika, Alekh Sangal, Ashutosh Rana and Sachin Khedekar.


The story begins with a group of students from a medical college. These brats from rich backgrounds establish a group called Studds headed by Rahul(Sikandar) and enter the world of college politics.

In an attempt to escape from the election campaign the Studds take off on their village posting for a month assuming it to be yet another picnic. Soon they are encountered by the bitter realities of India as they are caught within the whirlpool of extreme poverty and farmer suicides. The village is in pits and the hospital where the group has to work is in ruins.

A series of events follow..a change of heart..trial by fire… so on.

Suhail Tatari definitely has a message to put across and a noble one. But somewhere down the line things start to loosen up terribly. The story and screenplay by Bijesh Jayarajan is extremely weak and lacks focus. One wonders what the movie really is about. The entire first half is covered by crass jokes and the college brat lifestyle with a lot revolving around college politics.

Suhail’s treatment also isn’t fine with the idea of creating yet another sort of youth revolution alike ‘Rang De Basanti’ but falls flat. The prime reason is the dragging series of events towards the last 20 mins with the entrance of cops , firing , Sikandar’s surrender etc and so on.

The cinematography isn’t great, the film requires much editing.

Music by Gourav Dasgupta isn’t great. The tracks are just an attempt of trying to sound cool. The ‘I just wanna fly ‘track has some really sleazy objectionable lines. The songs are just too many and hamper the flow of events.

The so called item number by Neetu Chandra was totally uncalled for.

Sikandar fails to impress and doesn’t really act but simply carries the attitude and style. The film totally revolves around Sikandar and he needs more flicks to prove himself.

Gul Panag excels with her bit .She plays her character with ease. Arjan Bajwa , Alekh Sangal and Uvika have been offered meaty roles but none make a mark.

Ashutosh Rana , Vikram Gokhale and Prosshant Narayan (wonder what’s with his name change) emerge as the finest performers.

Summer 2007, comes across with not much to offer with a plot that leads nowhere. Looks like Summer will also face a tough time with the monsoons that breaks through the summer heat with its outpour.


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