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Haal-e-Dil – Just kills!

Posted by harino1 on July 10, 2008

Kumar Mangat always dreamt of being an actor and sees his dream come true as he passes on the baton to his daughter-Amita Pathak. Amita makes her much awaited debut with ‘Haal-E-Dil’ with Shekar Suman’s son Adhyayan and Nakuul Mehta.

But does Anil Devgan the man behind the disastrous ‘Raju Chacha’ do justice to Mangat’s dream?


HAAL-E-DIL tells the story of Sanjana (Amita Pathk), for whom love is chaste and sacred. It’s the story of Shekhar (Nakuul Mehta) who keeps tripping for every second girl and loves to be in the perennial state of love, not realizing that he is going to meet a girl who’ll change his existence. It’s the story of Rohit (Adhyayan Suman), who would fall so deep in love that resurfacing would be impossible.

Sanjana is at the crossroads of life where she has to choose between her perfect love and a perfect stranger. Who does she finally choose?

Who she finally chooses doesn’t really matter as the movie is dull, boring and lacks conviction. Wonder how producers sanction such scripts and risk 3 talented debutants career.

Anil Devgan doesn’t really know where he is headed in an attempt to recreate a ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ meets ‘Jab We Met’ with a tint of ‘Darr’( that’s related to Adhyayan’s death).

The writer Dhiraj Ratan seriously needs to take a break from films. The screenplay is nothing but dragging just enough to kill one’s time. You are bound to get irritated and confused with the flow of events and with no movement in the plot just for the actors dancing around from one location to another.

The cinematography is interesting but does no good when the film is miserable.

Wonder what Ajay Devgan and Kajol are doing in that track. They are hardly there. As for Kajol’s mom Tanuja , her constant close ups in the film trying to create a certain suspense element with her identity which just annoys.

Amita Pathak fails to impress with this flick but that doesn’t mean her bit in bollywood is over. With a little more improvisation she is sure to get better flicks.

Nakuul emerges as the finest. Being vibrant and carrying a wonderful body language, producers are to line up for him.

Ahdyayan has not much to do in this flick but no doubt more films await him.

On the whole, ‘Haal-E-Dil’ is totally miserable and gets really annoying. But the poor script doesn’t outdo the three debutants who are bound to get better films.


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