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Love Story 2050

Posted by harino1 on July 10, 2008

With almost every second day Harman , Priyanka and Harry making their presence felt in the media via various product launches , game launch etc ; Lovestory releases with a bang.

With tall claims by director Harry Baweja that Lovestory is India’s first ever futuristic film , does the film match up to all the hype and audience expectations?


Karan [Harman Baweja], a young, spirited, sporty boy lives life off the rules, while Sana [Priyanka Chopra], a petite, shy girl lives life by the rules. Opposites attract… and love blossoms. Karan’s uncle, Dr. Yatinder Khanna’s [Boman Irani] much developed time machine finally works. Sana expresses her wish to travel ahead in time to Mumbai. But there’s an accident…

Mumbai 2050. Flying cars, 200 storey buildings, robots and sky rails have changed the face of Mumbai. Through a series of twists and turns, Karan finds himself separating from his love. Meanwhile, Dr. Yatinder and Karan are under threat from Dr. Hoshi.

No doubt director Harry Baweja succeeds at drawing the masses to the setting of the future but the biggest flaw of lovestory comes with the lack of really any love quotient. Somehow, you are not able to feel for the protagonist’s love for Sana(Priyanka Chopra).The movie starts off well with Harman’s introduction and then begins to drag into a series of clichés.

The 1st Half goes on and on as the usual boy meets girl , tries to impress her , sings a couple of songs etc. Without a matter of doubt the 1st half ends with a twist similar to Hrithik’s ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ but without even half the impact left behind by Hrithik and the gang.

Then comes the 2nd half, the hunt for love, the journey into the future. No doubt the special effects really draw you into the future but here too the movie drags on and on with a bunch of silly songs ‘Loverboy will u be my toy’ etc. The 2nd half seriously requires trimming.

Don’t blame Harman for anything as the flaw lies in the screenplay of the film courtesy daddy Harry and sister Rowena Baweja. What was all that bad guy stuff (the bald guy with the mask ) etc , were they attempting a lovestory or got lost in writing Star Wars?

Music by Anu Malik is just ok. Actually in an attempt to follow the ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ musical success , here songs come in and out, which really annoys. No doubt songs like ‘Milo Na Milo’ , ‘Meelon Ka’, ‘Sach Kehna’ impress. Javed Akhtar has come a long way from 1942 Lovestory to 2050.

On the acting front, the film proves decent for Harman’s much awaited launch. Harman surely impresses with his dance moves and style. Comparisons with Hrithik will continue for a while but the actor will soon carve his own league . Besides all the western dance moves , one bit that really impressed me was Harman’s classical dance abilities. He showcases a bit of it in ‘Milo Na Milo’. Harman needs to improve a lot more on his dialogue delivery and needs to go a bit slower. With better scripts and the talent that lies within , Harman is sure set to go places.

Priyanka Chopra does a lot in supporting Harman throughout this flick but even her bit falls flat without a clear cut definition of her character who falls in love too easily. She isn’t close to her best performances and often comes across as a dumb and silly character especially with that Zeisha bit.

Boman Irani is good and so is Archana Puram Singh but they have very little to do in the film.

On the whole, Harry Baweja no doubt takes you into the future and places brands like ‘Lux’ and ‘Tata Indicom’ right in your face. But somehow Harry fails at the romance bit. As for the rest, its ok to watch superstar (yes, he sure is headed for that title) Harman groove.


2 Responses to “Love Story 2050”

  1. pritam said

    this is the most absurd review ive read of this movie ..first of all this movie is a dud in all departments..the special effects you talk off are better seen in tom and jerry films than in this movie..harman has no future will take him sometime to get over this fiasco..and the depression that he will already be under ..obviously his dad thaought that we are all complete idiots and will watch any shit that he serves us ..wrong baweja wrong

  2. Bryony said

    It is disappointing when one sees Indain mentality that does not believe in a fair go. criticism should be positive and not some dogging fest. the world’s best Acadeny Award spec effects companies worked on this movies. please give credit where credit is due. It is a film with many layers. it is well filmed and the story is not perfect, but Uncle ya only manages to succeed in the formulae after Sana brushes it and rewrites. It is innovative, imaginative and does not have to amke “sense” it is fantasy. there is extarordinary chemistry between the 2 leads. It is graet some critical reviews have been FAIR…. it is not a concept used before. It was a happy film…i even know some characters like those in the film. Love the music. No idea about Hindi, but our friends enjoyed it… Lover Boy is not about the lyrics-but a social statement and the music. Sad savage ctirics… Bawejas will triumph with pure heart and intentions.

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