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Ulliyin Osai – A period film worth watching

Posted by harino1 on July 10, 2008

Chief Minister M Karunanidhi as a screenplay writer set a new trend in Tamil cinema. His films ‘Parasakthi’, ‘Manohara’, ‘Poompuhar’, ‘Avan Pithana’, ‘Malai Kallan’ among others brought about a renaissance in Tamil cinema.

The veteran has proved once again that he has not lost all his touch in spite of his busy schedule with ‘Ulliyin Osai’. The film is inspired by Karunanidhi’s ‘Sarapallam Samundi’, and turns out to be an interesting and engrossing film.

Making a period film is no easy task. The movie on the life of a sculptor set in 1005 AD has enough twists and turns sans bloodshed or gory violent sequences.

Director Ilavenil deserves the credit for fusing commercial elements like dance and songs and comedy in the right mix. The dialogues in chaste Tamil are not lengthy and does not test the patience of the audience.

Vineeth plays the lead role, while the cast includes Keerthi Chawla, Akshaya, Sarath Babu, Manorama and Ganja Karuppu.

Raja Raja Chozhan (Sarath Babu) and his son Rajendra Chozhan want to build a temple in Thanjavur and choose Iniyan (Vineeth), a sculptor from Kanchipuram for the purpose. Iniyan begins the task but finds it difficult to come across a dancer who can pose for sculpting. Finally, he comes across a poor young girl (Samundi). Her stunning looks and graceful dance movements impress him. In due course of time, he falls in love with her.

When he expresses his love to her, he is shocked to know that she is the Prince Rajendra Chozhan’s wife. What happens next forms the crux. Vineeth, a dancer himself, has played his part well. After some miniscule roles in the recent past, ‘Uliyin Osai’ should provide him the right break. He has managed to get his screen presence right. Keerthy Chawla and Akshaya too impress. The real scene-stealers are Manorama and Kovai Sarala. The two go on to prove as to why they are masters in their own leagues.

Ilayaraja’s tunes are a major backbone for this film. His immaculate tunes and astounding background score deserve applause.

Though the movie has its own backdrops, this is a film that’s worth watching.


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  1. sap said

    Such an wonderful & excellent presentation by Tamil expert Honorable Dr.Kaligner Karunanithi.

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