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Via Darjeeling – Via ‘Roshomon’!

Posted by harino1 on July 10, 2008

The National Film Development Corporation of India co-produces ‘Via Darjeeling’ and since it’s an overload of talented actors and a cinema valuing body such as the above, one would expect some quality cinema. So what if there haven’t been any promotions for such a film. Is it necessary for the so called cinema of the intellectuals?

The film is set in modern day Calcutta and Darjeeling and is based on an age old Bengali tradition called ‘adda’ where friends get together in the rains and exchange stories over drinks and dinner.

The story revolves around Ankur (K K Menon) and Rimli (Sonali Kulkarni) a couple on their honeymoon to Darjeeling. On the eve of their return to Calcutta , Ankur disappears. Inspector Robin Bose (Vinay Pathak) searches but Ankur is nowhere to be found. When he questions Rimli , the only clues she is able to give him, are of a taxi driver and a mysterious man who has been following her during their trip.

Two years later, Inspector relates this story to a few friends who try and figure out the missing link.

With the cream of actors such as Rajat Kapoor ,K K ,Vinay Pathak , Simone Singh, Sandhya Mridul etc , director Arindam Nandy should have stolen the show . But , it’s sad that the actors no doubt perform but are hit by the poor screenplay. In an attempt to create a multiple narrative story, the so called suspense to be expected comes as complete boredom.

The film just drags on and on as the story of Ankur and Rimli is carried forward by the group. The most disappointing part comes with the ending. Wonder what the director was thinking while showing the close up of the cell phone ringing as the curtain draws.

On the acting quotient no doubt all of them are good but don’t have much scope. The cinematography of the film too fails in providing us some piece of a place such as Darjeeling.

On the whole, the film is a complete letdown and without much promotion, the film will face a tough time at the box office.


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