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Nee Tata Na Birla – Could have been better

Posted by harino1 on July 14, 2008

Director Nagendra Magadi Pandu is influenced by various comedy films and situations that evoke laughter. He has the age old theme but does not convince despite of having two well known stars V.Ravichandran and Jaggesh. He has not baked the script properly and it looks jaded. How long we can see the similar themes. At least good comedy situations would have been a well thought proposition. Even in this director Nagendra Magadi has failed miserably.

Fooling people and at the same time helping the needy Ravi and Jaggu are traced by a don for meeting his requirements. The deal is fixed for Rs.40 lakhs for Ravi and Jaggu. They are supposed to trace the code numbers of two beautiful lasses Pooja working in Jet Airways and Jennifer working in Kingfisher. They dupe both the girls but unfortunately they will not having the code numbers. The joining of respective wives of Ravi and Jaggu further creates confusion. The house on rent Ravi and Jaggu living also create confusion with the entry of actual owner. Finally it is a big battle and frank admission. The trace of secret code number by police solves the confusion annoying the viewers.

Ravichandran and Jaggesh have acted according to director Pandu. They have put on weight and struggle to emote. Urvashi as a cook in the film has not got the right kind role. For Jennifer it is a fashion parade showing her legs. Pooja, Keerthi Chawla, Nikitha and Jyothi Rana have nothing much to do. Sadhu Kokil, Bullet Prakash comedy is tolerable but not the over all length of the film.

Gurukiran has not offered one good tune for remember. Cinematography by Ramesh Babu looks colorful on the screen.


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