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Contract – Sequel to ‘Satya’, ‘Company’ or ‘Aag’?

Posted by harino1 on July 20, 2008

After ‘Sarkar Raj’ , Ramgopal Varma teams up with Praveen Nicshol for yet another film on the underworld. This time out it goes as follows:

1998: Satya

An inside view of the underworld

2002: Company

An Overview of the underworld

2008: Underworld meets terrorism

Well Ramu has always played it well with topics concerning the underworld; well now let’s see how he fuses in the terrorism angle.

Primarily the film is such a drab leaving you nowhere. Majority of the sequences and occurrences in the film make you wonder whether it has really been done by Ramgopal Varma or one of his so called ‘chelas’.

The narration, treatment, screenplay is almost void in the film. Prashant Pandey’s writing is extremely miserable and you are totally lost. One wonders why Ramu or the producers would engage in blasphemy by calling this film the completion of a trilogy after ‘Satya’ and ‘Company’.

The editing of the film by Amit Parmar and Nipun Gupta is vague. For a Ramgopal Varma film claiming to be the completion of a trilogy , it’s a big letdown. Take a look at films such as ‘Company’ and ‘Satya’, at no point where you bored or stranded in the middle of nowhere. This film ‘Contract’ has no relevancy whatsoever and requires serious trimming.

What was Shama Sikander doing with that so called item number or rave party sequence?

There are so many things that just annoy you and lack substance like the character Goonga’s(Upendra Limaye) wife, the silly dialogues of foolishness rather patriotism and the excessive use of the word ‘Secret’. Why did Ramu make such a film? ‘Secret’.

On the acting front Adhvik Mahajan is ok but nowhere close to characters that have remained with us since ‘Satya’ or ‘Company’. Sakshi Gulati too is just fine. Zakir Hussain and Upendra Limaye are not at their best. Sumeet Nijahawan fits the bill as RD.

For a great filmmaker like Ramgopal Varma , ‘Contract’ comes as a shock to all Ramu fans and aspiring directors who have always looked upto him. But, Ramgopal Varma ought to rise up and maybe take a break from films on the underworld or the occult and rather return to his ‘Rangeela ’days.


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