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Moggina Manasu – Good in parts

Posted by harino1 on July 24, 2008

The second film from ‘Mungaru Male’ producer E.Krishnappa coming on the screen after a battle with the regional censor board with U/A certificate from Tribunal is good in some parts. The routine style of narration of teenage girls crossing limits and parents getting worried is out of date subject. Having four cases of teenage girls the director tries to hold a mirror to the society in an avant-garde style. The style of narration is not absorbing and it is easily imaginable. It is a freak out time for teenage girls and boys but highly tension ridden life for parents.

Director Shashank catches up with this and makes a prolonged narration. At drop of a hat everything is understandable today. For such atmosphere here there is no point in consuming more time. The home work of the director Shashank who directed ‘Sixer’ in the last year is not of high quality. The high quality he gets from cinematography and music department of course there are some pretty looking girls on screen.

Passing out SSLC girls Renuka Devi (Shuba Punj) and Chanchala (Radhika Pandit) join the Queens College for pre university study. After initials pranks from Sanjana (Sangeetha Shetty) and Deeksha (Manasi) the first year degree students all the four become thick friends.

Insistence on having a boy friend for Renuka and Chanchala although not acceptable is enforced in the film by the director Shashank with no social responsibility. After having a boy friend what is the state of affairs in life? It is ditching for Renuka Devi who commits suicide while Chanchala showing affection to singer Rahul (Yashas) withdraws from her decision at this stage to prosper in her studies. Facing the dejection is the situation of popular singer Rahul now. Rahul waits after a beating but in the end to get back Chanchala.

Radhika Pandit the newcomer is a treat to watch. She has the right ability and surely reaches the top spot. Shuba Punj in an innocent role is very attractive. Manasi and Sangeetha Shetty are cool in their roles. As the caring parents Achyuth Rao and Sudha Belawadi show good support. Master Kishen the child prodigy in a small role is attractive. Among the new boys Jedi Nagaraj has the perfect looks. Others are fit for supporting character roles. Sharan comedy is boring and senseless.

Two other fabulous contributions are from cinematography by K.S.Chandrasekhar and melody king Mano Murthy. Among all the songs Male Baruvahagidhe Manaveega Hadidhe….is rich in melody, lyrics and there is visual treat.

For the teenage trauma and throwing the dreams at whims and fancies ‘Moggina Manasu’ is a half hearted attempt.

Scoring 6/10

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