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Hare Ram – One more hit for NTR Arts banner

Posted by harino1 on July 20, 2008

Nandamuri Kalyanram launched a banner called NTR Arts as his career failed to click despite two films to his credit. He himself played the hero on that banner introducing Surender as director for ‘Athanokkade’. The film turned out to be blockbuster. Again Kalyanram’s films that came after that hit, failed to reach the audiences expectations. To regain his sagging image, Kalyanram planned another film on his banner again and once again he was able to hit the bull’s eye with another debutant director Harshavardhan. For the first time, Kalyanram played dual roles in the film and the director too maintained good suspense and the movement of the film was also gripping.

Hari (Kalyanram) and Ram (Kalyanram) are brothers with different mindsets. Hari is intelligent and Ram always feels that no one should be greater than him. As their father (Chandramohan) was all praise for Hari, Ram tries to attack his father and brother. On noticing this, Ram’s mother (Sita) takes him away, while Hari remains with his father. As Hari’s father dies in his childhood, his paternal uncle and aunt (chinnanna, pinni) (Chalapati Rao and Sudha) bring him up and he becomes an IPS officer, while Ram’s mother somehow bring him up by working as a cook. On the other side, there is a minister (Kota Srinivasa Rao), whose brother (Rajiv Kanakala) was a scientist. Both are crooked and the scientist invents a dangerous virus which spreads very fast and also its antidote. They plan to spread the virus first and then release the antidote later and earn money. A TV channel camerawoman (Sindhu Tulani) reveals this secret. As a result, she gets killed by the henchmen of the minister in association with her fellow journalist. Later, the journalist and the scientist get killed under mysterious circumstances. Suspecting some foul play, the CBI deputes Anjali (Priyamani) for investigation and she traps Hari and arrests him after he confesses the crime. Who is the real murderer among the two – Hari or Ram? What is the relationship between Ram and the camerawoman? What made Hari to confess the crime? Who took revenge against the killing of the camerawoman? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.


Kalyanram, who faced successive failures, worked with a commitment to make the film a hit. Moreover, the film is being made on his own banner. He worked hard and showed good variation between both the characters. At the same time, he showed perfect ease in dances and they were choreographed in a stylish manner. Priyamani was proved herself once again as a good performer, besides filling the glamour slot. Her costumes in dance sequences were little revealing but not shoddy. Comedy by Brahmanandam and Raghubabu were able to tickle the funny bones to some extent, but the role played by Venumadhav appeared waste. Ali is okay in some scenes. Chalapati Rao, Chandramohan, Sudha, Sita, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Ashokkumar are adequate and did justice to their roles.


When it comes to the choreography of action scenes, Selva and Ram-Lakshman gave the best of their abilities to attract the mass audiences. They were moulded in a stylish manner and the chase with vans and cars was shot well. The blast scenes were also shot in an expensive manner. As far as the canning of songs, they are worth watching, though Mickey J Meyer’s tunes were fine with modern appeal. As far as the story and its movement, it has some similarities of an earlier film ‘Manmadha’, with one hero playing two roles after the death of one hero. Camera work by C Ramprasad is good while the editing by Gauthamraju is adequate. The production values of NTR Arts banner are good enough.


With a clear indication that the film was aimed at masses, all the action scenes, songs and dances were targeted to attract the mass audiences. In order to give a boost to the image of the hero, the director tried his best to expose most of the film on the hero. The director was able to extract good acting talents not only from the hero, heroine and the villain, but also from all the artistes. The film has many commercial elements. As a whole, the film started with a hit talk from the morning show.

Cast: Kalyanram, Priyamani, Sindhu Tulani, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ashokkumar, Chalapati Rao, Chandramohan, Brahmanandam, Ali, Venumadhav, Raghubabu, Rajiv Kanakala, Nutan Prasad, Prabhakar, Sita, Sudha, Apoorva and others

CREDITS: Music – Mickey J Meyer, Lyrics – Sitaramasastry, Camera – C Ramprasad, Editing – Gauthamraju, Art – Vivek, Action – Selva and Ram-Lakshman, Producer – Kalyanram, Story, screenplay and direction – Harshavardhan.

Banner: NTR Arts

Released on: July 18, 2008


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Sangamam – Well-knit Indian sentiment in foreign locale

Posted by harino1 on July 20, 2008

Many Indians settled in the US and are cashing in on their knowledge as they get adequate recognition to their talent there. But, many patriots grumble that they were selling their knowledge to foreigners for the sake of money. But they did not admit that it is not sale of knowledge but recognition of talent. Whatever be the case, the Indians who settled in the US, always used to feel that they were missing the attachment with their relatives in India. The same feeling was portrayed on the celluloid in a fabulous way.

Raghava Rao (Avinash) and Jagadish (Muralimohan) are brothers. Once Jagadish happens to meet a girl from the US and falls in love with her. They get married and Jagadish leaves for the US, against the wishes of Raghava Rao, who always believe that every individual should work for his own country. He feels that it is a sin to go to the US with a view to earn money. He also feels that those who settled in the US will ignore our culture and tradition and get addicted to boozing and other such maladies. Jagadish’s wife dies after delivering Sneha (Sarah) and he too suffers losses in business. So he returns to India only to face a refusal from his brother to receive him at home. Unable to do anything, Jagadish goes back to the US. Raghava Rao also had a daughter called Sanskruthi (Sindhura Gadde). Once she meets with an accident and doctors find that she was suffering from a heart disease while conducting tests, whose cure is possible only with a surgery to be performed in the US. Though Raghava Rao is reluctant to send Sanskruthi to the US, he had no option as he loves his daughter. Venkateswara Rao (Raghunatha Reddy), a family friend of Raghava Rao, speaks to Jagadish and with his help contacts Dr Gita (Suhasini). So Dr Gita and Sneha receive Sanskruthi at the airport. In the US, Sanskruthi meets Sneha’s friend Abhiram (Rohit Khurana), an agricultural scientist, who falls in love with Sanskruthi. After a few days, he proposes to Sanskruti, but the latter refuses the proposal as she knew very well that her father is against marrying a foreigner. Accidentally, Sanskruthi meets Sneha’s grandmother (Radhakumari) from whom she realises that Sneha is none other then his cousin and is the daughter of Jagadish. After a talk with Abhi, Sanskruthi realises that Jagadish and his family is not at fault. She enjoys their company. Doctors perform surgery and Sanskruthi recovers and returns to India. Does the union (Sangamam) of Abhi and Samskruthi occurred? Did Jagadish and Raghava Rao reunite? Answers to these questions form part of climax.


Though not a very handsome personality, Rohit Khurana gave a brilliant performance and he did it with very ease. He played a typical Telugu guy brought up in the US. His language has a foreign accent in English and scents well while speaking Telugu. He showed nice histrionics wherever possible and his body language is good. The director was able to grab good expressions from all his movements. Sindhura Gadde, for the first time came before the camera after bagging Miss India title. Her performance also had an admixture of subtle nuances. She is beautiful and at the same time, the director chose to use traditional costumes to depict the traditional Andhra girl. Muralimohan is the other notable performer in the film for the smooth movement of the story. Brahmanandam played yet another memorable role in this film. He played the role of an Indian, who gets tortured by a girl in the US, by taking away his passport and Visa. He played ‘Vaaralabbayi’ role in the US, who moves from house to house as guest to eke out living. All the artistes including Suhasini, Avinash, Raghunatha Reddy gave their best of performance.


MM Keeravani gave melodious tunes to all the songs. Even the background score is also done with precision and helped in elevating the tempo of the scenes. Camera work by Jayaram and S Sandeep Reddy is okay. They were near perfect because the director himself a cinematographer and knows the colour grading and lighting effects. Editing by Gauthamraju is sharp and one can’t find any unnecessary scenes in the film. Lyrics by Anant Sriram are good and has good literary value. Dialogues by Surendra Krishna too are good in parts.


The film gives the audiences a ‘feel good’ experience and definitely director Rasool Ellore’s work would get critical acclaim. But the absence of commercial and mass elements may prove costly for the producers as the film could not attract the mass audiences. It would be a definite hit in ‘A’ grade centres, but the success of the film in ‘B and C’ centres is a little doubtful. However, we can’t dismiss the success of the film, give the success of films like ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Anand’.

Cast: Rohit Khurana, Gadde Sindhura, Muralimohan, Brahmanandam, Raghunatha Reddy, Avinash, Krishna Kaushik, Anil, Anand Varma, Sivannarayana, Narsing Yadav, Raghava, Subbaraju, Suhasini, Sarah, Anita, Vijayasri, Radhakumari, and others

Credits: Lyrics – Anantha Sriram, Music – MM Keeravani, Camera – Jayaram and S Sandeep Reddy, Editing – Gauthamraju,  Story and dialogues – Surendra Krishna, Script Assistance – Suresh and Prakash, Choreography – Babu and Vidya, Presents – Gavara Parthasarathy, Producers – Ramana Pemmaraju and Kripakar P Tadikonda, Screenplay and direction – Rasool Ellore.

Banner: Manoranjan Entertainment

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Bramhanandam Drama Company – Galaxy of comedians failed to deliver entertainmen

Posted by harino1 on July 20, 2008

There are many directors, who could tickle the funny bones, with the movement of the story itself. They could script the screenplay and story in such a way that the scene itself brings smile on the face of audiences. They were able to reap good entertainment with heroes itself. Heroes like Venkatesh, Rajendra Prasad, Raviteja, Vishnu and the latest Ram, were able to give entertainment, despite showing heroism on the screen. There some other directors, who keep a comedy track, which has a link with the story and at times, without any link as well. But, keeping the entire comedians of Tollywood in his star cast, director I Srikanth failed to provide entertainment, though the subject was proved a hilarious comedy show in its original form (Bagham Bagh).

Anandam (Brahmanandam) has two heroes in his drama company Sivaji (Sivaji) and Ravi (Ravikrishna). An NRI contractor (AVS), who was fascinated with the beauty and dance of the heroine of the drama company (Sameeksha) books them to stage shows in Bangkok. Before they leave for the abroad trip, both the heroes misbehave with the heroine. This forces her to quit the job and leave the drama company just before they were about to board the flight. To make use of the abroad trip, the entire troupe boards the flight sans the heroine. They somehow manage the contractor that their heroine was busy with some modelling and will join them later. Then the heroes start search for a suitable face as heroine. In the process, Ravi was able to bring Arpitha (Kamalini Mukherjee), into their troupe. After giving performance in one show, she meets with an accident due to her mental disorder (suicide tendency). Later, she was taken away by one Mahendra (Raghu) who claimed to be her husband. Soon, the trio (Anandam, Sivaji and Ravi) gets implicated in abetment of suicide case. How they were able to come out of the case? What makes her to commit suicide? Did really Arpitha die? What made her to say that she is the wife of Mahendra? Why the gangsters were after the trio? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.


It is Brahmanandam, who is a seasoned comedian, delivered good performance in the entire film. All the other artistes, who were also seasoned comedians could not evoke even a smile on the faces of the audiences, leave alone a big laugh. Moreover, good artistes like Sivaji and Sivajiraja too gave a very unimpressive performance. Ravikrishna kept a big blank face in the film. Neither he showed any feelings in his face nor had put up a good body language. Kamalini is the only saving grace in the film. However, she was also portrayed in a deglamorous character. However, she showed ease in a couple of dances which gave a little relief.


Dialogues by Ramesh-Gopi are very unimpressive. Camera work by PS Babu is a big minus. Though a major part of the film was shot in Bangkok, he failed to grab the beautiful locales with his camera skills. Songs lack any foot-tapping dances and music by Sai Karthik is not at all melodious. Only a remix song, which has a mixture of first stanzas of popular songs evoked good response in the theatre. Screenplay and direction by I Srikanth are very disappointing. The director failed to run the film with a good tempo.

REMARKS: The audiences who go to the theatres with lots of expectations on the entertainment would face miserable disappointment in the absence of any scenes worth watching. The producers who took more than one and a half years to complete the film, were not in a position to release the film in the absence of any takers, possibly because of the unimpressive movement of the film. Somehow, they were rescued by some distributors who dared to release the film. It is very much doubtful whether any of the buyers would get back their money or not.

Cast: Brahmanandam, Sivaji, Ravikrishna, Kamalini Mukherjee, Sameeksha, Ranganath, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Jeeva, Ali, AVS, Raghubabu, Sivajiraja, Allari Ravi, Raghu, Kamal, Gundu Sudarshan, Apoorva, Sasirekha, and others

Credits: Camera – PS Babu, Music – Sai Karthik, Dialogues – Ramesh-Gopi, Fights – Selva, Presents – B Gurunath Reddy, Producers – Palli Kesava Rao and K Kishore, Screenplay and direction –  I Srikanth,

Banner: Sriramachandrulu Films

Released on: July 11, 2008

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Gorintaku – Unimpressive and old-fashioned film

Posted by harino1 on July 10, 2008

Super Good Films is known for bringing out family subjects. Almost all the films that came on the banner could be watched by the entire family by sitting together. A few years ago, Dr Rajasekhar played hero for ‘Simharasi’ on the banner with Samudra as director. After a long gap, the banner roped in the hero once again for the remake of a successful Kannada film ‘Anna Thangi’. On receipt of the proposal, Rajasekhar and Jeevitha watched the film and they were very much impressed with the subject. As the subject was completely jelled with sentiment, Rajasekhar came to a conclusion that he could attract the families and agreed to do the role. Then Meera Jasmine, who had innocent looks and at the same time had enough glamour to play the role of a sister was roped in as the sister. With VR Pratap wielding the megaphone, the film came out as ‘Gorintaku’.

Ashok (Rajasekhar) and Lakshmi (Meera Jasmine) are brother and sisters. Their father Sarvarayudu (Rajasekhar), who was a landlord of the village, and mother (Sujitha), die during Lakshmi’s childhood. Ashok and Lakshmi turn inseparable. Like any other girl, Lakshmi also falls in love with a boy called Aakash (Aakash), but makes it clear that she would love or marry him only with the blessings and acceptance of her brother. Ashok performs her marriage. He also marry a girl called Nandini (Arthi Agarwal) on the same dais. After their marriage, Aakash and Lakshmi lead a happy life along with Aakash’s cousins and sisters-in-law. In a gap of seven years, Lakshmi turns the mother of two daughters and a son. Then Nandini also turns pregnant but suffers abortion due to the intervention of one Kantham, who stays with her claiming to be her aunt. As Nandini’s uterus was also removed, Ashok turns childless and to please him Aakash and Lakshmi bring their children to cajole him. By the time Aakash returns to their house, his cousins cheat him and swindle the entire property. Aakash gets jailed in a cheque bounce case. Lakshmi and her children turn orphans. With the Kantham’s advice, Nandini throws Lakshmi out of house and warns her not to try to meet her brother. With no way to save her husband and her family, Lakshmi commits suicide with her three children and on learning this Ashok also dies proving that they are inseparable even in death.

As far as performance, Rajasekhar truly lived in the role of a brother. He performed with complete eloquence to win the hearts of women audiences. Especially, he showed good emotion in sentiment scenes. Once again, Saikumar’s dialogues came in very handy and they were in perfect sync with his body language. Meera Jasmine is the other performer to make note of in the film. Her character was etched with different shades as a innocent girl, as a trickster, as a chivalrous girl, a loveable sister, a wife, a mother and what not. She appeared a perfect fit in all the shades of her role. Especially, her performance in the climax is worth watching. Arthi Agarwal, the heroine of the film, has not much role to play in the film but to show some inhibition just before the climax. Arthi was able to perform her role well, which has a negative touch. Others including Chandramohan, Sivaji Raja, Surya, Brahmaji, Raviprakash, Hema, Surekhavani and others did justice to their roles

Behind the screen, camera work by Akhilan is okay while Nandamuri Hari did his job as usual while editing the copy. Music by SA Rajkumar is average as he had not much scope to give tunes either with a fast beat or in youthful tune as the subject did not allow him to do so. However, the background score and re-recording should have bee a little better. The basic drawback in the film is the subject. It is aimed at a particular section of audiences — families. Hence the director could not go beyond certain limits with his hands tied with the subject based only on brother-sister sentiment. Screenplay was also very old fashioned.

The story being a tear-jerker, could please the audiences who were in their above 40s. It could neither please the youth nor college going students. In the absence of any mass masala ingredients, the commercial success of the story depends on how the family audiences welcome it. The comedy track picturised on Venumadhav has nothing to do with the film and at the same time he miserably failed to make the audiences laugh heartily.

Cast: Rajasekhar, Meera Jasmine, Arthi Agarwal, Akash, Sujitha, Chandramohan, Sivajiraja, Surya, Brahmaji, Raviprakash, PJ Sarma, Venumadhav, Uttej, Gauthamraju, Hema Choudary, Hema, Surekhavani, Prabhavati

Credits: Dialogues – Gangotri Viswanath, Lyrics – Veturi and Sirivennela, Music  – SA Rajkumar, Camera – Akhilan, Editing – Nandamuri Hari, Presents – RB Choudary, Producers – NV Prasad and Paras Jain, Screenplay and direction – VR Pratap.

Banner: Mega Super Good Films

Released on: July 4, 2008

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Ready – One more entertainer on Sravanti banner

Posted by harino1 on July 10, 2008

Ravikishore is known for producing films with good entertainment and Sravanti Movies is the banner which brought out good family subjects. Ram, who shot into fame with his debut film ‘Devadas’ directed by YVS Choudary which was a big hit. However, Ram could not repeat the magic in his second film ‘Jagadam’. To regain his past glory, he had decided to work with a successful director like Sreenu Vaitla, who gave big hits like ‘Dhee’ and ‘Dubai Sreenu’. With the combination of a successful director, producer and heroine, ‘Ready’ turned out like a sumptuous meal for the audiences with all kinds of elements like comedy, action, sentiment and romance.

Raghupati (Nazar), Raghava (Tanikella Bharani) and Rajaram (Chandramohan) are the trio, who run famous cloth showroom RS Brothers. Theirs is a combined and joint family. Raghupati has the fascination to act in stage plays and bags a prize for mono-action from the thespian NT Rama Rao. Chandu (Ram) is the son of Raghava. He is quite dashing and daring, besides had a nature of helping all the needy. When Raghupati plans his daughter’s (Tamanna) marriage, Chandu helps his sister to marry her lover boy (Navadeep). This irks Raghupati and makes Chandu was forced to stay off from the family for some time. When he was in the college, he happens to see Puja (Genelia) and falls in love with her at first sight. But he doesn’t know about her whereabouts. In fact, Puja’s uncles Peddi Reddy and Chinna Reddy (Kota Srinivasa Rao and Jayaprakash Reddy) were big factionists and they get separated due to some property dispute. Once, Chandu kidnaps Puja in a mistaken identity. Learning that Puja too wanted to escape from the marriage and plans to return to the US, Chandu advises her to go to their house and manages to get her settled with his family. When the entire family visits a temple, Peddi Reddy happens to see her and takes her away. Learning that Puja is also in love with him, Chandu decides to marry her. In order to fulfil the wishes of Puja’s parents, who died in a road accident, Chandu wants to marry her in presence of all her family members. How, Chandu managed to convince both the families who were at loggerheads? How Chandu united both the families? How Chandu’s family helped him in winning the hand of Puja? What was the role of McDonald Murthy? Answers to all these questions form part of the remaining part of the film.


Ram who is known for showing good ease in dances and fights, once again excelled in both of them. In addition, with the help of director Sreenu Vaitla, he was able to showcase good comedy in his role. He improved his body language a lot and bettered in histrionics. All the action scenes were quite stylish. In order to add a pinch of salt to his acting capability, director made him to sport the attires of Krishh and spiderman in two scenes, which evoked lot of entertainment. Genelia, not only filled the glamour slot, but also had got a lot of chances to show her ability to perform. Her role is like an extension to her characters in ‘Bommarillu’ and ‘Dhee’. She played her role with a fantastic smile all through the film. Next comes, Brahmanandam, the ace comedian, who gave a brilliant performance. Once again proved that he is second to none in giving a healthy comedy. All the artistes in the film including Nazar, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Jayaprakash Reddy, Tanikella Bharani, Sudha, Surekhavani, Saranya and others did complete justice to their roles. Nagababu, Tamanna, Navadeep made a guest appearance in the movie.


Kona Venkat gave a very good story for the film, besides assisting Gopi Mohan in scripting the dialogues. It was the screenplay penned by Sreenu Vaitla which was so perfect that the audiences are forced to sit tight in their seats. He made them to feel that they would miss a good comedy scene in case they move out of the seat. Camera work by Prasad Murella is okay and choreography of all the songs and fights were perfect. The audiences can’t feel any kind of boredom all through the film. Sreenu Vaitla once again proved that he had a good command in bringing out commercial entertainers. In a nutshell, he achieved the hattrick of successes through ‘Ready’ after two hits like ‘Dubai Sreenu’ and ‘Dhee’. Music by Devisri Prasad is okay but the tunes appeared a little routine, when compared with his other films. The production values of Sravanti Movies are good.


Though the entire film was a complete entertainment, the director chose to end the film with a poor climax. The climax was a little dull. The audiences expect a good action scene in the end but it ends casually. Despite a poor end, the basic theme of giving a good entertainment to the audiences was achieved. Hence the film would definitely remain a good entertainer and worth watching. Another notable feature in the film is that there are no item songs and the film could be watched by the entire family by sitting together.

Cast: Ram, Genelia, Nazar, Tanikella Bharani, Chandramohan, Jayaprakash Reddy, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Shafi, Sunil, MS Narayana, Srinivasa Reddy, Suman Shetty, Sattenna, Sudha, Saranya, Satyakrishnan, Surekhavani, Rajitha, Pragathi, Apoorva and others.

Credits: Story – Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan, Dialogues – Kona Venkat, Music – Devisri Prasad, Camera – Prasad Murella, Producer – Ravi Kishore, Screenplay and direction – Sreenu Vaitla.

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Dasavatharam (telugu) – Kamal’s performance and graphics dominate

Posted by harino1 on June 13, 2008

Once again it was proved that the writers, directors and producers of other language films, are a step ahead in putting innovative ideas on the screen. Instead of going for routine, commercial, faction-related, or love backdrop films, a novel story on bio-war was moulded on the screen in a different way. The gripping screenplay, the ebullient performance of Kamal Haasan in 10 different characters, which is in no way connected with each other and with a vast variation made ‘Dasavatharam’ a fantastic and marvellous piece on the celluloid.

A Telugu NRI scientist Govindu (Kamal Haasan) accidentally prepares a bacteria which has the capability of killing a living being in no time and at the same time, gets doubled immediately causing a vast danger not only to the entire mankind but also to all the living beings. In order to gain an upper hand among all, the US President, George Bush (Kamal Haasan), plans to use them for his wars and at the same time, an international mafia gang leader Fletcher  (Kamal Haasan) wants to grab it. In this process, the mafia woos the leader of the scientists with huge money. Learning this, Govindu decides to destroy the vial containing the virus somehow. While taking it away, it accidentally slips and goes through a courier to India. Govindu reaches India in search of the parcel and finally able to get it. However, the packet goes into the hands of Kamakshi (Kamal Haasan), an old woman, who was mentally-retarded. She drops the vial containing the virus in an idol of Lord Vishnu. Fletcher attacks Govindu and both these come under the surveillance of a police officer called Balaram Nadar (Kamal Hassan). Somehow, to escape from Fletcher, Govindu takes away the idol and Lakshmi (Asin) follows him. After traversing several miles, both of them become friends. In the process, the come across a Sikh pop singer Avatar (Kamal Haasan), Punyakoti (Kamal Haasan) and Karimulla (Kamal Haasan). Did Govindu was able to save the mankind from the spread of deadly virus? Did the US President or the mafia leader Fletcher were able to grab it? Whether Balaram Nadar could help Govindu from Fletcher? What is the role of a Japanese martial art fighter in the episode? In the beginning, the NRI scientist reveals the story of a 13th century AD in which there is a fight between the Vaishnavites and Shivites? What is the relation between that story and the present generation story? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.


Kamal Haasan once again excelled in his performance. Especially, it was a record in the Indian film industry that an artiste playing 10 different roles on the screen. Moreover, all the 10 roles were distinct and have no connection with one another. Kamal Haasan portrayed the roles of a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Japanese, an old woman, a Dalit leader, a police officer, a terrorist, and a scientist. He showed fantastic ease in all the roles and the audiences could not identify Kamal Haasan in some of the roles. Hats Off to the make-up by the Hollywood technicians. Asin also played two roles, once a small role as Kamal Haasan’s wife in the flashback dated back to 13th century, and as a girl from a traditional Ayyangar family. The entire film was shot on Kamal Haasan alone and one can watch at least two to three characters played by him on the screen. Mallika Sherawat shook her legs in an item song and later played in a role with negative shades. Jayaprada, KR Vijaya and others did justice to their roles.


Off the screen, there are three highlights and they are absolutely second to none. The first one is the make-up by Michael Westmore. It was a miracle and the normal audiences could not believe that almost all the characters in the film were played by Kamal Haasan. Second comes the cinematography

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Somberi – A message-oriented film with love in backdrop

Posted by harino1 on June 13, 2008

Ali, who entered the film industry as a child artiste, turned a comedian and made the audiences laugh heartily with his performance in various films. Noticing the spark in him, director SV Krishna Reddy gave him a chance and made him hero. He also had some hits like ‘Yama Leela’ to his credit as hero. However, he continued his career as comedian by playing hero at every opportune time. In the backdrop of many comedians turning heroes these days, Ali also got a chance to play hero again and the story is like a tailor-made for him. Writer Jonnavittula tested his hand as director through this movie with a good subject which aimed at giving a good message to the society that hard work will always pay and tells everyone that nobody should be sombre and lazy.

Sombabu (Ali) is a nonchalant boy who whiles away his time with friends. He does never bother to do some useful work though he is very intelligent and had the ability to do anything. Being a lazy boy, two village elders (Jayaprakash Reddy and Jeeva) grab his property like land and a mangrove and also eyes the land which remained with him. Once Rohini (Ruksha), the daughter of a builder (Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam) goes to Srikakulam and Movva in Konaseema region for a project report on historical temples and sites. Sombabu falls in love with Rohini. In order to grab the remaining property from Sombabu’s parents, the village elders hatch a plan to drive away Sombabu from the village and implicate him in a temple theft case. At this juncture, Sombabu proposes to Rohini and the latter refuse him saying that he is a fit-for-nothing fellow and also a thief. Somehow, Sombabu gets acquitted and gets out of jail. When he was in the jail, he realises that he should work hard by shedding his laziness and prove himself. Incidentally, he gets a job in Rohini’s father’s office. How Sombabu proved that he is not just a useless fellow and how kind at heart he was? What kind of concern he had with his friends and well-wishers? How he was able to win the heart and love of Rohini farm part of the climax.

Ali performed excellently in his role. His character was etched well. The director was able to maintain good shades in his character, as a wayward boy and as a hard worker who realised his mistakes. He mixed good comedy in the character and elevated the real heroism in him during climax. Ruksha was a minus as a heroine. Being a novice, she failed to deliver any kind of performance. Though looked glamorous, she could not perform even in a couple of scenes which she was supposed to. Srinivasa Reddy and Duvvasi Mohan, played the sidekicks of the hero. Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam did justice to his role by maintaining good dignity. Comedy by MS Narayana was good and hilarious. Tanikella Bharani, Jayaprakash Reddy, Jeeva, Benarjee and others are okay in their roles. Once again, Paruchuri Gopalakrishna appeared as a politician. His dialogues on political system were heart touching.

Behind the screen, Mano, who had a good experience as a singer, turned music director. However, he gave traditional and routine music but did not go for any experiments and fast beat songs. However, two songs in the film penned on social cause were good both in terms of lyrical value and their tuning was also good.

Camera work by MV Raghu is okay. He captured the skyscrapers and beauties in Dubai well. However, the picturisation of songs was routine with not much camera work.

Editing by GG Krishna Rao should have been a little crispier further. As far as the movement of the story, the writer turned director, being a novice failed to maintain good tempo and the movement of the story was not at a steady pace. Once the scenes move faster and at times turn dead slow.

The director failed to establish certain scenes like how a boss takes an attender to Dubai along with his daughter.

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Posted by harino1 on May 31, 2008

Director Raghavendra Rao, who is known for bringing out excellent commercial films, changed his way and started bringing out devotional and periodical films. His films like ‘Manjunatha’, ‘Annamayya’ and ‘Sri Ramadasu’ were proved runaway hits.

The audiences had kept lot of expectations on ‘Pandurangadu’ coming from the same director in the same technical combination. However, this time, Raghavendra Rao chose Balakrishna as hero for the film, which was prepared with an inspiration from the earlier classic ‘Panduranga Mahatmyam’. However, the film could not stand on par with the earlier classic and remained just an okay film.

Pundareeka (Balakrishna) comes from a family full of Lord Krishna devotees. But he grows up as a wayward and irresponsible youth, who whiles away his time by enjoying the girls. Being handsome, all the girls are naturally after him. Lakshmi (Sneha) is an orphan and was brought up by a priest (Balayya). Being from an orthodox family, Lakshmi also preaches Lord Krishna. Pundareeka gets fascinated to a prostitute called Amritha (Tabu) and keeps spending nights with her always. Once, Lord Krishna appears in a dream to Lakshmi and tells her that Pundareeka would be her husband. Lakshmi impresses the entire family of Pundareeka, but fails to win his heart.

After a few days, with the intervention of Lord Krishna, she could manage to marry Pundareeka. But, he disappoints Lakshmi and goes to Amritha even after tying the nuptial knot. Again, it was Lord Krishna who comes to Lakshmi’s rescue and unites Pundareeka with Lakshmi. When they were leading a joyous life, Amritha’s mother (Y Vijaya) hatches a plan and swindles his entire property. Due to the impact of medication by Amritha’s mother, Pundareeka throws out the entire family out of house, while he too gets vacated by the former. Did Pundareeka realise his mistake? Did he meet his parents again? What happened to the marital life of Pundareeka? Did Lord Krishna gives salvation to Pundareeka? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.

Balakrishna was at his best as far as performance. However, he could not appear young and the close up shots picturised on him showed that he was quite older. More so, he played dual roles in the film, not only as the devotee Pundareeka, but also as Lord Krishna. The second role was not etched properly by the director.

Tabu was romantic in all the scenes and she appeared half-naked in almost all the scenes without saree or half-saree. But the audiences had to understand that she needed to remain like that because her character in the film was a prostitute.

Sneha continued her family girl image again in this movie.

The director did not leave her too and projected her in a romantic way in one of the songs. Viswanath, Balayya, Prasadbabu, Sivaparvati and Sana did justice to their respective roles.

Comedy track picturised on Sunil, Brahmanandam failed to click in any manner.

Mohanbabu made a special appearance in the film and appears only in two scenes. He proved that he was the best and right choice for the character.

Behind the screen, writer JK Bharavi did complete injustice to the subject. He spoiled the entire spirit of the film which is devotional in nature. Instead of filling devotion, most part of the film was devoted to romance and romantic scenes. The dialogues in the film was also not properly written. They were neither colloquial (vaaduka bhasha) nor literary (grandhika bhasha). Use of words like ‘anta sannivesam ledu’ in dialogues, ‘willu’ (a Telugised English word for ‘will’) in songs spoiled the spirit of the film.

Camera work by Jayaram is just okay, while editing by Srikara Prasad is fine.

Music by MM Keeravani is worth listening.

Screenplay by seasoned director like Raghavendra failed to maintain the tempo. The director rendered the entire episode with Lord Krishna and his eight wives in a dramatised version and the audiences would get a feel of watching a stage play and not as a regular film.

As a whole the film was very poorly narrated with a changed version of the entire story. In the original, the hero renders the all-time favourite song ‘Hey Krishna Mukunda Murari’ like a lullaby to his father, in this film it was used in another situation. The prolonged climax, after the death of heroine also tested the patience of audiences. LB Sriram as Narada was horrendous and he failed to please any section of audiences. But for a 20-minute film (30 minutes after the interval and 30 minutes before the climax), the entire film was boring. Especially, the glow in the face of the hero (of the late NT Rama Rao in Panduranga Mahatmyam) was completely missing in this hero (of Pandurangadu)

Cast: Balakrishna, Sneha, Tabu, K Viswanath, Mohanbabu (special appearance), Balayya, Prasad Babu, Sameer, Sunil, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Ali, Anant, LB Sriram, Jr Relangi, Brahmanandam, Jenny, Siva Parvati, Sana, Archana (Veda), Suhasini, Meghana Naidu, Y Vijaya, Apoorva, Sireesha, Bhargavi, Neethu, Baby Kavya and others

Credits: Story and dialogues – JK Bharavi, Camera – Jayaram, Editing – Srikara Prasad,  Music – MM Keevarani, Producer – K Krishnamohana Rao, Screenplay and direction – K Raghavendra Rao.

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Pardhu – A commercial cocktail

Posted by harino1 on May 24, 2008

A commercial entertainer targetting front-bencher is ‘Pardhu’.  It has comedy, action and romance to lure the B and C audience. With Larencce oozing the right energy and Sneha and Namitha filling up the glamour quotient, ‘Pardhu’ turns out to be an entertainer that is worth a watch.

However the story line is wafer thin. It is a cliched and oft-repeated in Telugu cinema. A youth, who is ridiculed by his family for being callous and not caring, eventually turns out to be a responsible son taking care of the entire family.

Director Rasu Madhuravan deserves a pat for not making a serious film though he has tried to showcase on mother-son sentiment towards the second half.

Pardhu (Larencce) does menial jobs in Dubai and saves every penny he earns and sends it to his family in Usilampatti. A flashback reveals that he was a carefree youth, who is often chided by his father (Nazar). His elder brother (Sreeman) is the blue-eyed boy of his father. However Pardhu’s mother (Saranya) showers all her love and affection on him. Pandi comes across Sneha, a cop’s daughter in the village and after a sequence of events romance blossoms between them. Meanwhile his family receives a shock as just a couple of days before Pardhu’s sister’s wedding, Sriman runs away from the house with the money kept for the wedding.

A dejected father is consoled by Pandhu, who borrows money from a private money-lender and completes the wedding. Meanwhile, Sneha walks out of the house to enter wedlock with Pardhu.

Determined to payback the loan and help his family overcomes their financial constraint, Pardhu decides to go abroad and work as conservancy staff. He manages to stabilize his family with his earnings. However on his return he is shocked to find his mother dead. Coming to know that it was no natural death, he decides to avenge the killers. Did he succeed in his mission forms the climax.

Interestingly Telugu cinema has seen such storyline in the early 1980s itself. Madhuravan has taken one such and treated it with a swift screenplay. Larencce carries the entire burden in his shoulders and deliver his best. He dances, romances and does comedy with style.

Sneha surprises everyone oozing glamour. Known for playing homely roles, she has decided to go for a skin show. It’s a typical Namitha in ‘Pardhu’ who appears in skimpy costumes for a couple of songs and disappears. Nazar and Saranya impress in their roles. Ganja Karuppu, Sriman and Illavarasu are adequate.

Srikanth Deva’s songs are loud and the remix Masimasam Alanna….is picturised in a glamorous way on Sneha and Larencce.

All said, ‘Pardhu’ is a masala entertainer that keeps the audience engaged.

Cast: Ragava Larencce, Sneha, Namita, Nazar, Sharanya, Ganja Karuppu, Sriman, Izhavarasu, Rajkapoor, Mayilsamy

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Bujjigadu – Hurray, a hit for Prabhas after three flops

Posted by harino1 on May 24, 2008

Prabhas is one among the young heroes who had a very good physique. Leave alone others working hard and doing lots of exercises to get a six-pack body, Prabhas had the body right from the beginning of his career. It really turned helpful for him this time as everyone is craving for such body. Though Prabhas gave a blockbuster like ‘Chatrapati’, none of the directors could help him reach the audiences expectations. After running a rough patch for the past three films (‘Pournami’, ‘Yogi’ and ‘Munna’), Prabhas was able to break the jinx with the perfect characterisation by director Puri Jagannath, who already had hat-trick hits to his credit.

Moreover, the film came from a prestigious banner like Creative Commercials which brought out several blockbusters with top stars like Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna. Moreover, the film had Mohanbabu playing a key role and his performance is yet another highlight of the movie.

Bujjigadu (Prabhas) stays in Chennai. He is an ardent fan of Rajanikanth. He used to celebrate the release of his favourite hero’s films like any other fan. However, he had a strong wish to meet his childhood friend Chitti (Trisha), with whom he gets separated some 12 years ago. In order to meet her, Bujji decides to visit Visakhapatnam. However, Chitti and her family shifts to Hyderabad and Bujji doesn’t know that.

While on his way to Vizag, Bujji involves in a clash and gets arrested by the police. Being a rough guy, he catches the attention of Machi Reddy (Kota Srinivasa Rao). In fact, Sivanna (Mohanbabu) runs a mafia gang in Hyderabad and Machi Reddy was his rival. To settle scores, Machi Reddy decides to utilise Bujjigadu to eliminate Sivanna and accepts to pay Rs 1 crore for the job.

Bujjigadu reaches Hyderabad and attacks Sivanna, but gets caught and thrashed by the latter’s gang. But, realising his guts to attack a powerful mafia don like him, Sivanna persuades Bujji to stay with him and takes him to his home. After a few scenes, Bujji realises that Chitti was Sivanna’s sister. The story takes a new twist from this point. Whether Bujji makes another attempt to kill Sivanna as per the contract of Machi Reddy? Did Chitti realise that Bujji is none other than her childhood friend? Who won the rival battle between Sivanna and Machi Reddy? What was the role of Sanjana? Answers to all these questions form part of the remaining movie.

Prabhas made a brilliant screen presence in this film. The director needs to be patted for the excellent characterisation of the hero. Prabhas improved his body language a lot and gave a stylish performance in action scenes. There is fight in a poultry farm in the beginning of the film where Prabhas gets a new look. The director scripted fantastic dialogues and Prabhas maintained good spontaneity in delivering them. Especially, he delivered a few dialogues in Tamil with perfect ease as a Tamilian. It was the director who really captured the talent of Prabhas right from the beginning till the end.

Trisha also appeared in a new look and she filled the glamour slot well.

Sanjana, played the sister of Trisha, and has not much role to play.

Mohanbabu also played a very nice character in the film, though it really did not match his image perfectly. His mannerism ‘Silly Fellow’ is very catchy. He needs compliments for accepting such role in the movie.

Other artistes like Kota Srinivasa Rao, Subba Raju and others are adequate. The major lapse in this film is that the director did not give much scope for a good comedy and there is not much comic relief in the movie.

Speaking technically, it was a director’s film in many ways. The storyline is wafer thin and the director depended mostly on the screenplay to run the subject. Being an expert in scripting good screenplay, he was able to overcome several obstacles and boring scenes by managing well with his techniques in screenplay.

Music by Sandeep Choutha is very good and targeted the mass audiences. Unfortunately, the melody part is missing in any of the songs.

The choreography of songs was also impressive and Trisha and Prabhas made a good pair and proved as a visual treat. The director was ably assisted by Varma to cut the fat in the film, and made the film crispy.

Despite a gripping screenplay, the director trembled in the second half only to gain firm grip in the climax. Action scenes directed by Vijayan are stylish.

Shyam K Naidu’s cinematography is also worth watching on the screen during the song sequences and in capturing the beauties of New Zealand and other foreign locales.

Finally, one can say that the film has not much to boast about but definitely a time pass film. One could get a feel that Prabhas had overcome the jinx of successive flops and could heave a sigh of relief with a moderate hit.

Cast: Prabhas, Trisha, Sanjana, Mohanbabu, Sunil, Ali, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Jayaprakash Reddy, Raja Ravindra, MS Narayana, Ajay, Subbaraju, Brahmaji, Qayyum, Pragati, Supreet, Rajesh, Ahuti Prasad, Hema, Sudha, Master Akash, Baby Pavitra and others

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