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Dhoom Dhadaka – Not enough Dhoom or Dhadaka

Director Shashi Ranjan returns to direction after a hiatus since the Raveena Tandon ,  Jackie Shroff starrer ‘Doobara’. Though Sashi has been doing the rounds in the media for various social causes such as ‘Laadli’ and his involvement with the Tv industry through the ‘GR8!’ magazine, pressure seems to be riding on him with ‘Dhoom Dhadaka’.

The story begins with the ‘All Asian Bhai Meet’ being held in Bangkok where the falling sensex of ‘Bhaigiri’ in Asia is being discussed. In the discussion, a rival Don of Mungi’s [Anupam Kher], Fursat Lala [Gulshan Grover], proposes an ambitious plan for a piece of land in Alibagh and puts across a valid argument that it is important to have a waaris(hier), the new generation, to improve matters. Since Mungi has no waaris, it is only logical that the next man, i.e. Fursat Lala should be made the new Don.

Mungi assures the syndicate that he has a waaris, who he will present before the syndicate and asks for a month’s time to do the same. Now Mungi and his friend Jignesh [Satish Shah] set out to trace Mungi’s estranged sister Angoori [Bhavana Balsawar], whom Mungi had thrown out years back . One of the letters reveals that Angoori did give birth to Kamal. Mungi is thrilled and resolves to hunt his waaris in Mumbai, where he comes across a detective, Johnny English [Satish Kaushik], who promises to find Kamal.

Through his weird ways, Johnny English gets hold of an NRI [Sammir Dattani], who claims to be Kamal. Johnny takes him to Bangkok but, to his shock, finds another guy [Shaad Randhawa] there, who also claims to be Kamal. While this confusion is on, Shivani [Aarti Chhabria] arrives on the scene claiming to be the real Kamal.

A confused Mungi asks all of them to stay in the house till he arrives at a decision as to who the real Kamal is. In the ensuing drama enters the second girl Jiya [Shama Sikander], who claims to be a girlfriend of the NRI Kamal. Is one of them the real waaris?

Sashi Ranjan does attempt at creating one of those twisted comedies but lacks somewhere mainly as he fails to connect the flow of events at the cost of being simply funny. The screenplay of the film is totally hap hazard. Most portions of the film are questionable, particularly towards the opening where Anupam Kher junior is shown at a regular ‘mela’ and his father is shown as a victim of some bomb blast. Anupam Junior is shown running towards his father with a plastic looking arm in hand while his father lies apparently bleeding due to the loss of an arm and the arm actually visible through the clothes.

The dialogues have been penned by Ashwini Dhir who has already found his name on several big movies this year be it the dialogues of ‘One Two Three’ , ‘Krazzy 4’ , ‘U Me Aur Hum’ or direction of ‘One Two Three’. The drawback lies in his approach towards the dialogues. They may be indeed humorous but are too centered towards carrying a sleazy double meaning. ‘Dhoom Dhadaka’ too falls apart with such lines, especially with sequences involving Deepshikha .

The movie has been done on a grandeur level as far as the locales of Bangkok etc have been concerned but falls apart majorly towards the 2nd half. The confusion and jokes are alright till a period of time but later on carries a stale feeling.

Anupam Kher does a good job but such roles have been done to death. Satish Shah upsets you after his ‘Bhootnath’ performance. Shaad Randhawa and Sammir Datani have a long way to go.

Deepshikha does a lot of skin show and delivers with ease. She needs to be more selective with her roles. Aarti Chabria is good with her dance moves and dull on the acting front. Gulshan Grover is just a repeat of several other films. Zac and Razzak Khan are impressive.Satish Kaushik hasn’t done something like this in a while and is funny as ‘Johnny English’. Bobby Darling is ok.

Shama Sikander comes in as a revelation. The actress who has spent much of her career in the television industry makes her presence felt with ‘Dhoom Dhadaka’. The actress imitates Aishwariya Rai well with her opening sequence in the film and further carries those chirpy , vivacious vibes throughout the film.

The music of the film by Roopkumar Rathod isn’t great except for the title track. The cinematography by Ashwani K is ok.

‘Dhoom Dhadaka’ starts off pretty well and looses it strength tremendously as the events flow. The lines in the film may be funny but Sashi fails at merging these lines with the relevancy of the script and the film often takes you nowhere. If you just want to laugh , ‘Dhoom Dhadaka’ may serve that purpose.


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